Tales Of The Sazi 05 - Moon's Fury

Tales Of The Sazi 05 - Moon's Fury by C.t. Adams . Cathy Clamp

Book: Tales Of The Sazi 05 - Moon's Fury by C.t. Adams . Cathy Clamp Read Free Book Online
Authors: C.t. Adams . Cathy Clamp
might have decided it was a good place to hide out.”
    Will twisted his head in mid-flight and gave an almost imperceptible nod. "Good point. I'll head there next. Don't worry about waiting for me if you guys give up or Lucas calls you back. I can fly to my car later. I have to get back to Austin before shift tomorrow anyway.”
    With a hard flap and a piercing screech, he rose a dozen stories in seconds and was nearly out of sight before Adam could take two breaths. Both he and Cara stared at the water jug greedily, but neither made a move toward it. His dry tongue screamed for a taste, but something held him back. And I know what it is.
    After a hanging pause he finally gave up. "So, who does the honors? I guess we might as well get used to being naked in front of each other if we're going to be pack members. I can't open a screw top jug with my claws.”
    Cara nodded. "Pouring's a bitch, too." He was getting accustomed to her Southern accent, that made pouring sound like poe 'in. Another long pause and then she snorted lightly. "Okay, we might as well do this. Now I'm getting a headache. Just promise not to gawk at the scars on my leg. I don't feel like using extra magic to hide them and…well, they're part of who I am.”
    She stood up and shook once more, before he could reply, and then transformed slowly, rising up to her feet until she was fully upright. Golden skin with curves all in the right places replaced the fur with definite alpha-level speed. He hadn't realized how much of the same russet flowed through her hair, now loose and shoulder-length around her heart-shaped face. The sun highlighted the red strands until they were the color of expensive red wine. He found himself staring at her for a long moment and getting more excited than was appropriate. She sneezed and snorted several times, as though her nose was plugged, but seemed to get over it quickly.
    Moving his gaze down didn't help lessen his arousal any as she knelt down next to the water jug, opened it, and started to pour water into the bowl. Her breasts were full and nicely formed and her waist slender. And her hips …they were just perfect, firm and muscled. The skin just begged to be stroked, slow and easy.
    What would she do if I turned human right now, slid up behind her, grabbed those hips, pulled aside her hair, and nipped the back of her neck?
    It was probably a damned good thing he'd remained in wolf form…and was lying down. He dropped his eyes lower. Okay, that fixed his little erotic image. Ouch! She wasn't kidding about the scars on her leg. Two narrow strips had been carved nearly all the way down the thigh, and had never properly filled in. He could only think of one way that could have happened. "Had a strip of hide taken, huh? Who'd you piss off?" She sighed. “Two strips, if you'll notice." She reached forward with bowl in hand but then her nostrils flared— probably catching his new, muskier scent. Well, he couldn't help it with her kneeling there, looking all naked and gorgeous. But it made her stop and blush lightly before she placed the bowl down in front of him. She didn't comment, but she did turn her back to him before raising the jug to her own lips. He kept his eyes on the rocks, watching a long line of tiny ants crawl toward the base of the bush. Bui what he wanted to do was watch the muscles play under her skin, follow beads of sweat rolling slowly down, see her chest move as she swallowed, and—
    Damn! Get a grip, Adam!
    He fought down his attraction with effort, and lapped up the entire bowl. He kept his eyes on the ground as she leaned over and filled the bowl again while he continued to drink. She paused and her scent filled his nose. Oh ho! He wasn't the only one aroused. Wow, did she smell good— sweet and sultry, spicy and… hot.
    Magic washed over him in a wave as she turned back to her wolf form right next to him. He could feel her warm breath in his ear and it made him shiver, despite the heat. Maybe this

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