Taken by You (Taken by You Book One)

Taken by You (Taken by You Book One) by M.L. Young

Book: Taken by You (Taken by You Book One) by M.L. Young Read Free Book Online
Authors: M.L. Young
would I be so blind.
    I felt like I had been sitting on that couch for hours before the movie finally ended and the gore fest was over. I clicked a few buttons on my remote and turned off the projector as the lights came back on.
    “ That was a really good movie. I wasn’t even scared,” Penelope said.
    “ Then how come you jumped and gasped a few times?” I asked.
    “ Did not,” she replied, as she got up off the couch.
    “ Did so,” I replied.
    “ Nope,” she said, crossing her arms.
    “ I caught you,” I said, as I stood up and tossed the remote down onto the couch.
    “ Doubtful,” she replied.
    “ You have a feisty side, don’t you?” I asked, as I grabbed her hips.
    “ I may not be a Latina, but I have some spice in me,” she replied.
    I could easily tell she was trying not to smile, as she looked away so she wouldn’t give me the satisfaction of looking me in the eyes. It was hard sometimes when we had moments like this. I wanted to be a little more cold and reserved, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself no matter who you are or want to be. Sometimes you lose yourself in life’s little moments and can’t hold back.
    I leaned in before she quickly turned and matched her lips with mine, as if she were waiting for it all along. With our eyes shut, I felt her hands run up and down my body as she grabbed my shirt and pulled me in closer. I gripped her hips like I was clinging for dear life before she pulled her head back like she was motioning for me to suck on her neck. I did without her even saying a word, and I could feel her blood course through her arteries like a hungry vampire as she moaned my name.
    “ Blake,” she moaned, the same way she did the first night I slept with her.
    I gently bit her neck, not hard enough to leave a mark or break skin, but hard enough to make her know I was there and I could dig my incisors into her at any moment. My cock grew larger in my jeans as I reached around and gently grabbed her ass, slapping it hard in the same place I had slapped it that first night. She jumped a little before giggling like a little schoolgirl being punished by her teacher.
    “ Fuck me,” she moaned.
    “ I don’t think you could handle it again,” I said.
    “ I can handle all those eight inches like a fucking champ,” she whispered.
    “ Are you sure about that?” I asked.
    “ If you don’t take me to that little room of yours right now I’m going to push you down and ride you until your dick goes numb,” she said.
    I grabbed her hand and with super-speed whisked her up to my library, whose books held more stories than just the words inside. I pulled the secret book, unlocked the door, and took her upstairs.
    We’ll see who goes numb, Penelope.

    I had never been ravaged the way Blake ravaged me. He was like a hungry, insatiable animal that could never be calmed. I met a familiar sight when he took me up to his little room for another night of lust and fun. The room was in order exactly the same way as when I first came in here, even though Blake and I had made it a little messy after our first encounter.
    He squeezed my ass hard as we walked over to the bed, which was perfectly made without even the slightest wrinkle in the sheets. I turned around, his hand never leaving my ass, and he pushed me back on the bed before I could even press my lips against his. I propped myself up with my elbows before he pounced on me, putting his weight against me, his lips touching mine once again.
    He kissed me with a primal ferocity that I couldn’t quite comprehend. How was it possible to be so passionate with somebody you barely knew? I didn’t know the answer to that, but then again, I couldn’t say I cared all too much. I was on the receiving end of that primal passion, and I wasn’t going to question it. It was too orgasm-inducing to question.
    His tongue quickly found its way to mine, his strength easily outmatching mine. I put my hand against his

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