Tablet of Destinies

Tablet of Destinies by Traci Harding

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Authors: Traci Harding
propulsion system fired up to prepare the launch tube for take off by bombarding it with waves of magnetically charged rings.
    Rhun sat himself down beside his father and Maelgwn looked at his son. Not wishing to stir up any more ill will within the family he said quietly, ‘I may not have gone about this the right way, Rhun, but I am doing the right thing. The Pantheon will be suspicious if I do not make an appearance, and perhaps that is why fate stirred up this argument. To get me on this flight.’
    Rhun’s jaw unclenched as he nodded in acquiescence. ‘Perhaps I should stay behind then. With you along the Governor shall have precious little need of my services.’
    â€˜That’s hardly the point of your presence on this trip,’ Brian noted. ‘You can’t expect to win the trust and support of the Nefilim if you don’t get in amongst them and make yourself known. And besides … the three of us on a mission together will surely be invincible .’
    Rhun smiled at his uncle. ‘Or it could be a recipe for disaster.’ Sceptical, he looked back to his father.
    Maelgwn caught his son’s drift and realised that his presence was a threat to Rhun’s new authority. ‘I am no longer Governor,’ he advised Rhun, and then glanced at the man in charge. ‘Brian is in command here and I have no problem with following his instructions.’
    â€˜Nor do I,’ Rhun conceded, still eyeballing his father with a cynical look.
    â€˜And you are second in command,’ Maelgwn was more than happy to admit. ‘I am here to advise only when asked and that shall be the extent of my involvement in this mission.’
    â€˜Well, I’ve had to take orders from both of you in the past,’ Brian reminded them. ‘So, it’s payback time.’ The new Governor rubbed his hands together, mischievously. ‘And my first order is that you two Dragons cease breathing fire and get along.’
    â€˜You won’t even know I’m here, I swear it.’ Maelgwn looked at his son and held out a hand to shake on it.
    Rhun still appeared to be apprehensive, but he shook his father’s hand. Then their seats locked them in for launch.
    What his son didn’t know, and what Maelgwn couldn’t say, was that he had an entirely different agenda to attend to once they reached Nibiru. He was hoping that the Goddess Inanna might have accompanied her husband, Dumuzi, to the Senate meeting. For although she was no longer one of the Pantheon of Twelve, she was a social creature. It would be less suspicious if Maelgwn could approach Inanna on a social level about the personal effects that she took from Durak some seventy years ago, rather than having to seek a special appointment to discuss the issue. Maelgwn wanted to avoid raising the Goddess’ interest in the particular rock he was seeking. The last thing he needed was for the Nefilim to discover that they held the key that would lead to, and unlock, the Lord Master Enki’s Creation Stations. The Nefilim would rather destroy the stations than be enlightened by them, and ensure humankind did not gain access to the Lord Master Enki’s secret doctrine.

    O ver the days that followed the baby Devas’ arrival in this world, Tory and Noah found themselves constantly amazed.
    The babies were maturing at the inconceivable rate of about a year a day, and were absorbing information about the physical realm faster than their human carers could teach it. Only Tory and Noah saw the two babies and, having the devoted attention of the two people they’d come to trust most, day and night, all traces of ugliness had disappeared from the little beings’ presence.
    Tory imagined that the Devas resembled Nefilim babies, although she had never seen such a child. None of the Nefilim had given birth during the course ofTory’s association with them, although she knew the Goddess Inanna

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