Sweet Discipline

Sweet Discipline by Bonnie Hamre

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Authors: Bonnie Hamre
Tags: Fiction, Erótica, Romance
screaming, first in pain, then in delight. The fragrance of almond drifted in the air around them. Drenched in pleasure, she sighed deeply. This was more like it.
    He kneaded her butt cheeks. “Have you ever had anal sex?”
    She tensed, remembering how a long-ago lover, sure she’d love his big cock rammed up her ass, had forced her to it. “It hurts.”
    “Not if you’re prepared. Not if it’s done right.”
    Sweet Discipline
    “It’s dirty.”
    “Not when you take precautions.”
    “It doesn’t feel good,” she said at last, desperately.
    “That’s where you’re wrong. Did you know the anus is ringed with sensitive nerve endings?” He rimmed her with a lubricated fingertip as he spoke. “Feel that? Hundreds of them.”
    “See? When your partner takes the time to prepare you, you might enjoy it.” He paused, while she tried to imagine that. “We are going to find out.”
    He slipped the tip of his finger in her. “The skin here is soft, like satin, and hot.”
    She squirmed, tensing against the pain she knew was coming. His finger withdrew.
    She heard him move away. She looked over her shoulder at him, and saw he’d opened the spa’s bag. She knew what was in there. Those dildos…
    He brought the set of three to the table and held them where she could see them.
    “These are anal dildos. Probes. Some people call them butt plugs. They come in many sizes and shapes, but we’ll begin with these three. The smallest,” he said as he pulled it from the case, “is the one we’ll start with. We’ll work up to the larger sizes.”
    She swallowed, once, twice. He sounded so prosaic, so ordinary, as if this was no different than brushing his teeth. “I’m not sure I’m ready for this.”
    “Who is in charge here?”
    “You are,” she said without hesitation. But could she trust him not to hurt her?
    As if answering her unspoken doubts, he said, “The object is not to inflict pain, but to widen you gradually.” As he spoke, he uncapped a tube of lubricant and spread it liberally over the small probe. Then he took more and applied it to her ass, between the cheeks and into her anus. “That should do it.”
    He patted her butt cheek. Norris took comfort from it. Then with one hand, Adrian spread her crack wider and slipped the tip of the dildo in. She tensed. “Just relax, Norris. This isn’t any bigger than my finger and you took that.”
    She swallowed the knot in her throat and unclenched her muscles.
    “There. That’s the way. Good girl.”
    The unexpected compliment sent warmth flooding through her. She relaxed, feeling eased and pleased, and without her aware of it, he’d inserted the dildo in as far as it could go.
    “See, no problem. Now,” he flicked the switch and the tiny dildo buzzed. “What do you feel?”
    “Ooh,” was all she could say.
    He kept the dildo in her butt, turning it, edging it in and out while she closed her eyes and let him give her pleasure.
    Abruptly, the buzzing stopped. He pulled the dildo out. She moaned in protest.
    Bonnie Hamre
    She glanced over her shoulder at him and saw that he was lubricating the middle-sized dildo. Her eyes widened as she realized how much wider and longer it was than the first one. Instinctively, she made a small noise of protest.
    He smacked her rump. “Control, Norris.” He applied more lubricant to her ass and inserted the tip of the dildo. She felt the pressure as her inner walls were pushed apart.
    She whimpered but he continued inexorably. Her breathing quickened. It wasn’t pain she felt, just a newness, an unaccustomed sensation that had her heart racing and her pulse jumping.
    When he turned the dildo on, the vibrations shuddered up her spine, down her arms, around to her breasts and shot unerringly to her pussy. She cried out, not in pain, but in arousal.
    His hand delved under her. His fingers found her clit, pulled it. She gasped at the touch of his finger on her denuded pussy and

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