Suzanne's Sexy Shifters [Shy River Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Suzanne's Sexy Shifters [Shy River Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Bec Adams

Book: Suzanne's Sexy Shifters [Shy River Pack 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Bec Adams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Bec Adams
Tags: Romance
back, angry enough over Brigden’s treatment to hate them all on his behalf.
    “They’re not all bad,” Gideon said to her as Brigden moved to pull her into their embrace as well. “My mother is going to adore you. And there are others who are more accepting. It’s just the pack leaders who are intolerant of those different to themselves.”
    “Is that your way of asking me to give peaceful werewolves a chance?”
    “Yes, baby girl.”
    “Even your father?” she asked quietly. She’d heard more of last night’s video call than he’d probably wanted her to hear, but between the mental link and the increased auditory ability it had been kind of hard to avoid. She’d held Brigden closer with every malicious word that had fallen from the beta’s mouth.
    “I’ll deal with my father,” Gideon said in a tone that suggested he wouldn’t tolerate the man’s attitude any more in person than he had over the video chat. “We better get moving,” he said out loud. “It’s a long drive from here to your place.”
    * * * *
    The trip wasn’t nearly as long as Gideon had indicated back at the cabin, but the closer they got, the more excited Brigden began to feel.
    “You lived all the way out here? On your own?” he asked, suddenly realizing how dangerous it would have been for a woman living alone. “I just assumed you lived in town.”
    “My grandfather left me the cabin. He bought the place for my grandmother nearly sixty years ago. Apparently it was a bargain price at the time, but my mother hated growing up in such isolation, so she headed for the city as soon as she was old enough and never looked back.” She glanced around the area, a soft smile on her face. “I only met my grandpa a couple of times, but he’s the reason for my interest in conservation. According to my mom, he was always lecturing her on saving the planet.”
    “Your grandfather was way ahead of his time,” Gideon said as he stopped the car beside the small cabin, “and obviously a very wise man.”
    Brigden nodded in agreement and offered his hand for Suzanne to take. The area seemed vaguely familiar as they climbed out of Gideon’s truck and for a moment Brigden had a feeling of déjà vu. He often visited the different packs, clans, and flocks closer to Shy River pack lands to assist with electronic surveillance, but Brigden was fairly certain he’d never been in this area before. Perhaps it just resembled a place he’d been to over the years.
    As they stepped onto the veranda, Suzanne’s hand started to shake, distracting him from his musings.
    “Suzanne?” Gideon asked urgently, reaching for her as she wobbled on suddenly unsteady legs.
    “What is it?” Brigden asked anxiously.
    She closed her eyes and shook her head. “Sorry, I…um…it’s nothing.”
    “No, baby girl, it’s something.” Gideon lifted her into his arms and waited for Brigden to take the keys and unlock the door. The cabin wasn’t very big, so they found her bedroom with no problems, but she was already trying to climb out of Gideon’s embrace by the time they reached her bed.
    “I’m fine. I’m sorry. It’s just…”
    “Just what, sweetheart?” he asked, trying to stay calm. Gideon was almost as pale as Suzanne seemed.
    “I just…realized that this is actually happening.”
    Brigden wasn’t quite certain how to respond to that. It didn’t help that Gideon seemed lost for words as well.
    Suzanne shook her head as her eyes welled with tears. Brigden wanted to pull her into his arms and assure her that everything would be okay, but right at that moment he wasn’t certain that it ever would be. He had no idea what was happening right now. Less than an hour ago she’d seemed perfectly happy with the sudden changes in her life.
    Thankfully Gideon put her down and she stepped into Brigden’s embrace, wrapping one arm around his waist as she reached for Gideon as well. Gideon held them both fiercely, his muscles shaking violently as

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