Surviving Elite High

Surviving Elite High by John H Ames

Book: Surviving Elite High by John H Ames Read Free Book Online
Authors: John H Ames
school knew that Nick and Jessica were a couple. Girls would still line up for Nick’s attention, but he would politely decline their offers of hot and steamy sex. Madison and Kitty didn’t talk about 'Nick and Jessica' because they knew how much that hurt me. Not even Nick mentioned her during our tutoring sessions. Jacob and I became close friends, though. We would talk whenever Nick wasn’t around. Nick would get extremely irritated whenever I mentioned Jacob. I avoided his name like the plague in front of him.
    “So, are we going to the Elite Hawk's game tonight?” Madison asked.
    It was a beautiful Thursday night. Madison was driving her Jeep while Kitty sat on the passenger seat. I quietly sat on the back seat listening to their conversation.
    “Count me in,” Kitty responded as she turned to me.
    “I don't know.”
    “Come on, it's their ninth game! If they win, they'll be division champions,” Madison stated as she glanced at me through the rear-view mirror.
    “Yeah,” Kitty answered. “Besides, you've never been to one of Nick's game.”
    “Neither have you guys,” I answered, smiling.
    “That's not the point,” Kitty replied quickly.
    “Yeah, imagine dirty and sweaty Nick jogging all over the field, bulging in the right places and tackling other dirty boys. That's like soft-core porn,” Madison added with a smile.
    We laughed. Madison was uniquely funny. Those were the perfect words to describe her.
    “Fine,” I agreed as they let loose thrills of excitement.
    Madison immediately turned the Jeep around. We headed to the mall to kill some time since the game was scheduled for six o'clock. It was inside the mall where Jacob approached us. We were having a milk shake at Kitty's favorite ice cream shop when he spotted us and walked over to our table.
    “Mind if I join you?”
    “Not at all,” Kitty replied with a smile.
    The girls had softened up to Jacob since they saw his huge effort to change. I was glad because with Nick around, we would not have the time to socialize.
    “How come Nick isn’t around?”
    “He has a game tonight,” Madison answered as she glanced at a cute guy across the shop.
    “Oh, that's tonight? I thought it was tomorrow.”
    “Nope, they changed the date,” Kitty answered.
    “Are you going?” Jacob asked me.
    “Yes, for a while.”
    “For a while? You said that you'll go with us,” Madison replied.
    “Exactly. I said I'll go, but I didn't say how long.”
    “You little slut!”
    “Why for a while?” Kitty asked.
    “I don't like sports. Besides, I don't even know how you play American football.”
    “Well, I'm not leaving until that game is over,” Madison told me. “I guess you'll walk.”
    “I can give you a ride if you want,” Jacob suggested.
    “Don't encourage him,” Kitty answered, smiling.
    Jacob chuckled. Suddenly, Madison spoke.
    “Oh, my God! Kitty look! It's Roger. Melanie's boyfriend and he’s with another girl!”
    “Shut the fuck up! No way! Come on! Let's follow them!”
    “What? Are you crazy?” I asked as they stood up.
    “Don't worry, we'll be right back! Keep an eye on him, Jacob!” Kitty shouted as they briskly walked towards the door.
    Jacob turned to me with a smile.
    “Those are some really hyperactive friends.”
    “I know, but I love them that way. I wouldn't change them for the world.”
    “That's great to know. So, after the game, do you want to go and see a movie?”
    “With you?”
    “Yeah, why not? We could see the new Harry Potter movie.”
    “You like Harry Potter?”
    “Who doesn't like Harry Potter?”
    “I thought you'd be more of a Twilight fan since you're all mysterious.”
    “That horrible version of a chick flick mixed with sun-loving vampires? Hell no!”
    “I know! How can a vampire walk in the sun? Where have you heard that before?”
    “Exactly! Or a werewolf that looks like a giant dog? Where in the world have you seen that?”
    We laughed.
    “Does that mean that you'll go?”

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