Summer in Eclipse Bay

Summer in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz

Book: Summer in Eclipse Bay by Jayne Ann Krentz Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayne Ann Krentz
around. ”
    â€œWhat the devil do you call it?”
    â€œA date. Mature adults not otherwise involved in a committed relationship get to do stuff like that.”
    â€œSounds like fooling around to me.” Mitchell’s jaw tightened. “She tell you Claudia Banner was her great-aunt and that Claudia’s passed on?”
    â€œI think the whole town is aware of those facts by now.”
    â€œI don’t give a damn about the town. I’m only interested in what’s going on between you and Octavia.”
    Nick lounged against one of the old-fashioned counters, folded his arms, and studied Mitchell with morbid fascination. “Mind if I ask why you’re so concerned with the subject of my social life?”
    â€œBecause you’ve got a reputation for lovin’ ’em and leavin’ ’em and givin’ your girlfriends The Talk so they know up front that you’re not serious. I’ll be damned if I’ll stand by and let you treat Claudia Banner’s niece that way. That girl’s got no family around to look after her, so I’m gonna do it. You treat her right or you’ll answer to me. We clear on that?”
    â€œVery clear. Can I pick up my mail now?”
    Mitchell’s brows bristled, but he reluctantly got out of the way. “You know something, Harte?”
    â€œIf you had any sense, you’d get married again. Settle down and give that boy of yours a mother.”
    â€œThe day I want advice on my personal life from a Madison, I’ll be sure to ask.”

    In the end they went with the gold metal frame. Octavia privately thought that the black did a better job of accenting Winston’s gray fur, but Carson was entranced with the flashier look.
    When they finished the project, she put the picture together with the others she had prepared for the show.
    â€œWinston looks great,” Carson said, satisfied. “I can’t wait for the show. I was afraid maybe you wouldn’t want to hang my picture because Dad kept bothering you.”
    â€œAre you kidding?” She ushered Carson out of the back room into the gallery and closed the door behind them. “I’d never let my personal feelings get in the way of hanging a beautiful picture like yours. Wouldn’t be good business.”
    â€œGreat-Granddad says all business is personal. People just don’t like to admit it.”
    â€œEveryone knows that your great-grandfather is brilliant when it comes to business.”
    â€œYeah.” Carson looked proud. “He says I’m gonna be brilliant at business, too. He says that in a few years I’ll be running my own company.”
    â€œIs that what you want to do?”
    She hid a smile. There was not so much as a flicker of doubt in the words. “Nice to know where you’re going so early in life.”
    â€œUh-huh.” Carson’s small brow puckered slightly. “Thanks for going out with Dad last night.”
    â€œYou’re welcome.”
    â€œHe’s been acting a little weird lately.”
    â€œI’m sorry to hear that.”
    â€œIt’s not your fault.” Carson’s expression was intent and very serious now. “It’s just that everyone keeps telling him that he oughta get a new wife so I can have a new mom.”
    â€œYeah. That’s what Uncle Rafe and Uncle Gabe say. I heard Granddad tell Grandma not to put so much pressure on Dad, but she and Aunt Lillian and Aunt Hannah all say he needs some pressure.”
    â€œThey think Dad doesn’t want to get married again because he’s still sad about my mom being in heaven and all.”
    â€œWell, that may be true,” she said gently.
    â€œMaybe.” Carson was clearly dubious. “I don’t remember her, but Dad does. He says she was really pretty and she loved me a lot.”
    â€œI’m sure she did

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