SpankingMyBoss by Heidi Lynn Anderson

Book: SpankingMyBoss by Heidi Lynn Anderson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Heidi Lynn Anderson
Chapter One
    Dan McMullen picked up his office phone and dialed. The urge
to control his sub was circling through his body like a NASCAR racer at the
Daytona 500. It was time to finish what she’d started that morning. He tapped a
pen on his leather planner and waited for an answer.
    The sultry voice on the other end of the line caused his
dick to press painfully against his trousers. He took in a deep breath, reining
in his desire, and thought about what he had planned for his disobedient sub,
Jen Teasdale.
    “Be ready for me in an hour.”
    She cleared her throat. “Yes, Master.”
    Dan hung up the phone and imagined how her soft flesh would
feel under his hand. He could all but see the plush globes of her ass glowing
under his ministrations and could almost feel her power flow into him. The
zipper on his pants scratched against his erection.
    He unfastened his pants, relieving his discomfort. Dan took
himself in hand and started to stroke. His unlubed hand worked his sensitive
flesh. He beat harder and faster, keeping himself just this side of ecstasy. A
knock sounded at the door. He ignored the interruption, closed his eyes and let
the anticipation coil inside him like a cobra reading to strike
    The knock sounded again. He smiled and stopped his rhythmic
pumping. “Yes,” Dan called as he tucked his hard shaft into his pants.
    His pretty little secretary, Carolyn, rushed in, all flushed
with indignation. Dan sat back and sent the woman a placating grin. She flung
back her flaming-red hair and her double Ds heaved with her movements.
    Satisfaction at knowing he’d caused her anger by proxy filled
his gut. Dan’s hard-on pulsed. He needed to come.
    “Mr. McMullen, Miss Teasdale is closing the office in thirty
minutes. The Jameson proposal is due on Monday and I haven’t finished typing it
    Power surged through him. “You go and have a nice weekend,
Carolyn. I’ll work on it this weekend.”
    “That’s not fair. You shouldn’t have to do my job because
that bitch feels like going home.”
    The urge to tell his flushed-faced secretary not to talk
about his wife that way had him squeezing the tip of his cock again. No one
knew about his marriage to the strict control freak who owned the company. “Careful,”
he said. “That bitch is our boss.”
    She stomped over to the chair in front of his desk. “Yeah,
well, the rumors must not be true.”
    He smiled. “What rumors?”
    “That she’s married.”
    His gut clenched. If people at the office found out the
truth, his fun would be over. “Where did you hear that?”
    “From Amy in accounting, but it can’t be true. If Miss
Teasdale were married, she’d be getting some and she wouldn’t be such a bitch.”
    Relief flowed over him. No one knew .
    He swallowed and made a show of checking the wall clock. “Make
me a list, email me what you have and go home.”
    Carolyn stood. “All right, Mr. McMullen. I’ll come in early
Monday.” She turned on her heel and headed out of his office.
    He began to stroke himself again after she turned away. “Fine,”
Dan said, watching her tight rump sashay out of his office. “Close the door
behind you.”
    “Yes sir.”
    Those two words brought images of his sub on her knees,
waiting for whatever he had in store for her. The thought snapped at his
control. Dan couldn’t wait to see his spunk dripping off the classy Miss Teasdale’s
face. He would have to make sure he shot his load over her lips so he could
watch that delicate tongue of hers dart out and sample his essence.
    The need to dominate Jen had started the day he’d walked
into the BDSM club he frequented. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he’d seen
his stuck-up bitch of a boss blindfolded and tied to a St. Andrew’s cross,
waiting to be put in her place.
    In that moment, his world came together and finally made
sense. His boss was a perfect sub. He’d pushed her to limits he hadn’t known
were possible that night. His body

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