Sol: Luna Lodge #1
couldn’t help her heart from picking up the pace.
    “I understand,” she said. “I just think you all could use a little help. Especially if you ever plan on having normal relationships.”
    When he turned to face her, his bright amber eyes bored into her very soul.
    “I’d like that,” he whispered.
    Her breath hitched in her throat, and she stumbled back into the room.
    “Thanks for walking me back,” she said.
    Sol stared for a moment longer before nodding and walking away.
    * * *
    Erica yawned and blinked several times at the clock on the wall. Six came much faster than she would have thought. Marius sat near her, still not talking after she had ratted them out earlier.
    “You going home anytime soon?” she asked him.
    He shook his head and continued to pore over the accounts. “All this building is cutting into things. I’ve got to figure out where it’s coming from.”
    “Isn’t there insurance?”
    He nodded. “This isn’t our first time with insurance. Payouts won’t be for some time. Sometimes things just have to happen sooner. That’s what I’m here for.”
    Erica nodded. She could understand that, especially if they wanted to make any money. They couldn’t rely on the government forever.
    “Well, I’m checking out.” She grabbed her coat and headed out the door. It wasn’t until she was in the parking lot that she remembered Marius had been her ride. No one had really talked to her about how she would be getting back to the cabin.
    She turned to go back in, when her she saw Sol standing by his car. She smiled and walked over.
    “Were you waiting to give me a ride?” She slid into the front seat. The warmth welcome because of the frosty air.
    Sol climbed in next to her. “Marius can be very focused sometimes. I thought you might need a ride.”
    She smiled again as they pulled away. It might not be much, but he was making an effort and that was all she really wanted.
    As they drove, fat snowflakes fell from the sky. By the time they arrived at the cabin, it was falling in full force, swirling around the car as they came to a stop.
    “Stay here,” Sol said gruffly. “I’ll open the front door first.”
    Erica watched as he raced from the car and opened the door. When he turned, she was already running up the stairs. They hurried in and shut the door behind them.
    “Wow, that came on fast,” she said and kicked off her shoes. Heels were great, but she’d have to switch to boots if this kept up. She only hoped she’d thought to pack them.
    As she knocked the flakes out of her hair, Erica turned and caught Sol staring at her.
    “Do you like soup?” he said, turning away from her.
    Erica followed him as he walked into the kitchen. “Yes,” she said.
    She watched as he reached into the freezer and pulled out a plastic container.
    “I have some vegetable beef soup.” He set the container in the microwave. “We could eat soup and watch a movie.”
    His back was facing her. The muscles in his back tensed under the tight t-shirt he wore, and she wondered how he could wear something like that.
    “Just let me go change,” she said and smiled when his relaxed some. There was something endearing in that he wanted her to watch a movie with him.
    Not wasting any time, she took the stairs to her room and searched through her bag. Now was the question. Comfortable or sexy? She laughed at her silliness. She hardly knew him. Thinking that way wasn’t going to be good for anyone.
    Sol stirred the soup and cursed himself. He really had no idea what he was doing except that she was eating away at him. Every hour of his day was consumed with thoughts of her. What she was doing. Who she was with. It was amazing he could even get any work done.
    He sighed and put the container back in the microwave.
    She had been right earlier. He really didn’t have any clue how to talk to her. Every ounce of instinct in him said to show his dominance and then fuck her.
    His dick certainly agreed with

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