Soccer Jocks of Morocco: Arab Str8 Studs (Gay Arab Football Lovers Book 3)

Soccer Jocks of Morocco: Arab Str8 Studs (Gay Arab Football Lovers Book 3) by Sidi Abbin

Book: Soccer Jocks of Morocco: Arab Str8 Studs (Gay Arab Football Lovers Book 3) by Sidi Abbin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sidi Abbin
    In the ancient city of Fes, a tragic story has been hidden by Karim. Not only tragic, Karim would never accept it to be known, homosexual stories cannot be taken for examples there, and almost everyone is homophobe and rejects homosexual community.
    Karim's son was a special guy, he was intelligent, ambitious, and kindhearted and the most beautiful smile you've ever seen, unfortunately it was in the past, he was also a soccer player, and he was very talented, he learnt to fly across the field without a care in the world, that passion for soccer and his professional coach was his reason. His coach believed that as a teacher he must also be a father, and he realized from his experience that young people can often teach old people, that's why he was listening to them more often. More than that, he was the only one to know that Sami was gay.
    Three events changed Sami's life, it all started when Karim knew about his son being bullied at school, Sami's father could not understand how someone like Sami could be so hated, when his father asked him about being bullied, Sami would deny it. Playing sport taught Sami character but he was never able to use it because of the fact that he was bullied all the time, his age was the age of belief, the best of the times, the spring of hope, the season of light, but also, the season of darkness..
    In the last year of primary school, and at his eleven, he never believed about the importance of having friends, his was only thinking about challenging his mind and considering new ideas discovering new things about different subjects, studying, and playing soccer was something very important for him, but he was also as surprised as his father about how he could be so rejected.
    2 years after, the bullying was causing him an handicap, the only place where others was able to understand him was football field, due to this, he never saw himself as the gorgeous and special guy he was. As he was a member of the national junior football team, one day, he met a guy who just joined their team, the first time he saw him, he became quickly attracted to his masculine and more mature grace.  He was a good looking and taller in person, left open to give a hint of his defined chest.  He looked his age, which made Sami more curious and excited to know him.  He was saying in his mind that he never slept with any guy and if he would be the first, he would readily do so. Sami welcomed his new friend with enthusiasm, and started teaching him the best skills that he perform, the first thing was the ball control, Sami was a big possession guy, he taught Jad that if keep the ball he will take away the other team's chance of marking a goal. He taught him how to be a perfect dribbler, passing, passing into space and not feet, receiving balls, headers, chesting, and controlling the air ball or bouncing the ball with the body, all those skills were performed by Sami at the perfection, and Jad was very happy to start as quickly.
    Sami was never as courageous as he was that day, at the changing room, he wrote a sheet of paper to Jad with all the courage and confidence asking him to meet in a restaurant, whatever can be the issue he courageously tried.
    Jad accepted with a huge smile, Sami couldn't trust what was happening there, it was a miracle for him.
    At the restaurant, they were looking at each other straight into the eyes, leaning across the table so that their faces were closer, a sign that both were engrossed in the conversation. Nothing special happened they were just talking about their life, studies, aims in life and football.
    Back to home at night, Sami was so happy but inside of his body, something was calling for ''sex'', he was in need of something to empty that desire.
    He forgot about studies and homework and started watching sexual videos in internet between men. It only awaked his sexual desires more than before; he was so

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