Sins of September

Sins of September by Graysen Blue

Book: Sins of September by Graysen Blue Read Free Book Online
Authors: Graysen Blue
how’d you find out then if you’re not invited?”
    “Amber told me. She got an invitation and I didn’t.”
    I think back and realize that Catherine and Scout haven’t hung out for weeks now. I’ve attributed that to the fact that they go to different schools and the fall weather has gotten chilly, but now I’m thinking it may be something else altogether.
    “Did you ask Catherine about it?”
    “I tried today after the bus dropped me off. I knocked on their door, but Casey said Catherine wasn’t allowed to come out and I wasn’t allowed to come in.”
    “Well,” I reply, “Jesse made those rules.”
    “I know,” she says with a sigh, “But Casey acted different. Kind of mean.”
    “You know what?” I say, “Maybe she’s just having a bad day. Why don’t you try again tomorrow and see what happens?”
    “Okay,” she replies still looking a bit sad. “Are we done?”
    “Yep. You did awesome on your sums,” I praise her, and that finally gets a smile out of her. “Why don’t you take your books and papers and get them packed up in your back pack before dinner?”
    “Okay,” she says, gathering everything up.
    My cell rings. It’s Shayla.
    “Guess what?” she asks as soon as I answer.
    “Big party this Saturday night at Randy Mercer’s house. No parents. It’s a Halloween party so we need to dress up.”
    “Seems to be a lot of those going on,” I reply absently.
    “Huh? Did you get invited to another one?” she asks.
    “Uh . . . no. So anyway, how do you know I’m invited to Randy’s?”
    “Because everyone is! It’s an open party, but it’s BYOB.”
    “Yeah,” I smirk, “That’ll happen.”
    “Oh come on,” she snips, “Your step-dad has some beer or booze around there I’m sure.”
    “I’m sure he does, Shayla, but I’m not getting into it. Kind of learned my lesson on that.”
    “Okay, whatevs, but you’re going, right?”
    “I’ll think about it. I’ll let you know tomorrow.”
    “You’ve become a stick in the mud,” she murmurs before we end the call.
    And she’s right, I have. But she can’t know the reason because I’ve promised Jesse to keep it private.
    It’s been weeks since we’ve been together. He’s not touched me since that night we first spent together. My period has come and gone and I’m so ripe and ready for him to take me again, but there’s been no opportunity because Scout’s been in the house.
    I decide later, after dinner, when the kitchen’s been cleaned up and my homework is finished that maybe I simply need to step it up a bit—in a subtle way of course. The art of seduction is what he needs. I’m a novice, but a quick learn.
    I take a leisurely bath, shaving my legs and slathering body lotion all over myself. I pile my damp locks on top of my head, and put on a short satin nightie. I nonchalantly go out into the hallway and then into the living room where Jesse’s stretched out on the sofa watching Thursday night football.
    I bend over; closing my Algebra II book that I’d left opened, and lift it from the coffee table. In my peripheral vision I can tell that I have his attention.
    Big time.
    “I’m going to bed,” I say, turning back to look at him, making sure he has a full, panoramic view of my girls all pushed up in the V-neck of my nightie. “Oh, by the way, there’s a Halloween party Saturday night that I’m invited to and Shayla says I can stay over at her house afterwards. Is that a problem?”
    I watch his eyes peruse me and my belly tingles with the effect I’m having on him.
    “Who’s having the party?” he asks.
    “Randy Mercer.”
    “Will his parents be there to chaperone?”
    “You’re not going.”
    “What? I am eighteen—”
    “September, you’re under my fucking roof and your ass is not going,” he reiterates sharply, pointing his finger at me, “End of discussion.”
    “Fine,” I reply with a pout, stomping my foot for good measure. “I can’t do shit around

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