Shouldn't Be
bury himself deep inside her that way.  He rubbed the head against the small of her back, and over her soft round bottom.  “Are you ready?”
    “Yes,” she sighed.  He pulled a condom out of the bedside table and rolled it on. 
    He angled her just right, pushing gently against her back.  She leaned forward, and intuitively arched her back, allowing him to slide right in.  It felt so natural, as if they were born for this.  She relaxed against the bed, but inside her was turmoil.  He moved in and out of her slowly, and after several moments of that sweet pleasure, it just wasn’t enough.
    “Faster,” she urged. 
    “You’ve already cum twice, love.  It’s my turn.”  He sighed into her long, damp, tangled red hair. 
    “How did you know?” she asked as she turned toward him. 
    He gazed into her eyes as he moved into her. “I can tell,” he whispered, before he kissed her passionately.  One arm was under her pillows, holding her hand.  The other hand roamed over her body, until he shoved it between her legs and found her clit.  She moaned loudly into his mouth as she came again, and then he came with her.

Chapter Nine
    “You’re going to put me back to sleep,” she mumbled, as he played with her hair. 
    “Sleep, sweetheart, it’s not even five-thirty yet.”  He wanted to look at, touch, and smell every inch of her.  He wanted to roll her up into his body and never, ever let her leave.
    “I need to go home,” she asserted.  “I have to work tomorrow.”  She paused, and shoved the covers off herself.  “Today.  This morning, or whatever.”
    She walked toward the bathroom, and noticed the sliding glass doors that led to a spacious balcony.  He had a beautiful view of the city skyline, lit up and reflecting on the James River.  She paused and stared, taking in the dramatic image.  She heard him rustling around in the bed, but didn’t hear his footsteps on the thick carpet. 
    He stood behind her, and she jumped as he put his hands on her shoulders and pulled her into his body.  He pushed her hair off her shoulder and kissed her neck gently.  “It’s beautiful,” she sighed.  They stood locked together in an embrace as the sun turned the sky pink.  He continued to kiss and nibble her neck, and she tilted her head to encourage him.
    “I have to go home to shower and get ready for work,” she said after several minutes.
    “I have a shower,” he offered.  “And I can join you if you shower here.”
    “But my body wash and conditioner and stuff are at my house,” she protested.
    He stood silently, wanting her to stay with him but knowing she wouldn’t.  Maybe it was too soon for her, he thought, but he was sure.  He wanted her with him every night for the rest of his life.  He wanted to wake up with her for every sunrise. 
    “I’ll head downstairs and make coffee,” he said instead. 
    “Okay.”  She was reluctant to break away from him.  She turned in his arms and, facing him, wrapped her arms around his waist.  His chest was nearly hairless, and his skin was so soft.  She rubbed her cheek against it.  Although she knew she should leave, she didn’t want to.  His hands moved gently up and down her back, caressing and comforting her.  “You promised me coffee.”
    “Not while you’re holding me like that.”  His voice was right in her ear. 
    “Right,” she chuckled, and pulled away.  He stood by the glass doors in the soft dawn light, and she couldn’t take her eyes off him.  They’d had sex four times in the last twenty-four hours, and to be honest she was slightly sore from it.  So why was she so turned on by his nude body and his raging hard-on? 
    “How can you still be hard?” she asked, as a shock tingled inside her, and her muscles clenched.  She wanted him just as much as he wanted her.  No, she needed him. 
    “I don’t know,” he admitted.  “I just want you so much.”  He reached out for her hand and

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