SHIAM Conspiracy- Book 1
Aragne and Orkensha mining operations within the Akkasson Mountains
supplies over fifty-five percent of the world’s arganite supply.
Any long term disruption of this supply will not only hurt both
Aragne and Orkensha economies, but it would also have a serious
affect upon the world’s energy supply.
    “ Critics of our current administration
point out that the Prime Minister’s soft approach toward the
Orkensha Nations is doing nothing to resolve the current stalemate.
They go on to warn that rather than preventing all-out war, as the
Prime Minister claims he is doing, these on-going tensions between
the two nations will ultimately bring us to a point where war is
the only inevitable solution. Spokesman for...”
    Any newscast concerning the Orkensha nations
inevitably soured Zak’s mood. As he looked at his reflection in the
mirror, he considered whether he was still in good enough physical
condition to be able to take on a combat roll after all these
    “ ...Senator Jayme Donovan condemned the
Prime Minister’s lack of action over last night’s violence as a
dereliction of duty. Donovan went on to say that, if elected he
intends to put an end to this border dispute once and for
    “Computer, music.” Zak had no interest in
what that idiot, Donovan, had to say about anything. It was easy to
raise the call to arms from the comfort of home, but it was quite
another thing to live through the ugliness of war. Since Donovan
had never served in the military, Zak doubted that he truly
understood just how ugly it could be.
    “ Please state your preference,”
    “We go through this everyday...why do you
keep asking me? Classical!”
    The loft was immediately filled with soothing
sounds of a symphony orchestra. Zak enjoyed a variety of music, but
found classical music particularly soothing in the morning. After
finishing his hygienic duties, Zak wandered into the kitchen still
only dressed in his boxer shorts and t-shirt.
    Ke’aira had finished her own morning ritual
as well. When Zak had gotten out of bed and headed for the
bathroom, the dog had gone to the private access door Zak had built
for her at the rear of the loft. The door allowed her access to the
yard at the back of the building, which Zak had turned into a
garden area surpassing even the indoor garden he’d created. The dog
door was tied into the rest of the security system in the building.
The lock on the door was keyed to the dog’s DNA, a sensor ball on
each side of the door controlling the lock. It hadn’t taken Ke’aira
long to figure out that she could come and go as she pleased by
simply licking the ball on either side of the door.
    Returning to the loft just as Zak left the
bathroom; Ke’aira followed him into the kitchen area, completely
unconcerned that she was dripping a trail of rain water across the
floor as she went.
    Freshly brewed coffee from the auto-brewer
awaited Zak as he entered the kitchen. Coffee was one thing he made
sure he never ran out of. He poured himself a cup, took a couple
sips of the vanilla hazelnut brew, and put the mug down on the
white marble counter top. The kitchen was completely computerized
and the auto-timer had also activated the food processor for
Ke’aira’s morning meal. Fortunately, there was still a sufficient
supply of the specially blended dog meal left for a few more meals.
Zak fed Ke’aira processed food in the morning and gave her a
mixture of fresh meat and vegetables for her evening meal. When he
put the bowl of meal down for her, she devoured it
    After serving Ke’aira her breakfast, he
punched in an order of eggs, bacon and toast for himself.
Unfortunately he was out of bacon and only a single egg was
    “Computer, check mail,” he said and a slim
computer screen slid neatly up from the counter top. He settled on
the toast for breakfast and sat down to his electronic mail.
    In spite of all the advances in computer
technology, no one had come up with a

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