She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy by Cara North

Book: She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy by Cara North Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cara North
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
freely gave Bethany.
    "Me, too,” Jan and Buck sounded off in unison.
    "Me, too!” A little boy rounded the corner of the table and looked at Heath.
    "You, too, what, Cowboy?” Heath asked the child.
    "What Rafe said,” the boy answered.
    "You think Rafe knows everything, don't you, boy?” Heath asked the child.
    The boy shrugged.
    "Well, I'm his big brother. I know more than him,” he pointed out.
    The child made a very concerned face and looked past Heath toward Emmy and the little girl. “So, she knows more than me?” he asked with disgust.
    "Yes,” the girl squealed in delight.
    "Well, cowboy, they always know more.” Heath laughed. “Girls."
    "No. Rafe knows more than Momma,” the boy said with certainty.
    It was an uncomfortable silence. Layla blushed. Her fine features faded, but her sapphire blue eyes glowed against the red on her face.
    "Hey, Cowboy, come over here,” Rafe called, and the child ran to him, crawled up on his lap, and waited for direction. “Your momma is a smart lady. She knows just as much as I do."
    "But...” the child started.
    "But nothing.” Rafe put his finger to the boy's lips and shushed him. “Got it?"
    "Got it.” He nodded. Then he looked at Heath and said, “See."
    Everyone laughed at the little monster.
    Heath squeezed her hand, and a sensation of longing flowed between them. Layla, a very quiet woman, sat next to Rafe. She had two very beautiful children. They were well mannered and seemed to be in love with Rafe. He pretty much acted like their daddy in Chance's opinion. How the woman next to him hadn't realized they looked at him like he was their daddy was a mystery.
    "I told you,” Heath whispered in her ear. His warm breath tickled her earlobe. Little goose bumps traveled all over her body.
    She turned to look at him. For a long moment, they just stared at each other. In her heart, she was telling him she wanted what was climbing up onto his lap. His eyes told her he wanted that, too.
    "Savannah, this is my wife, Chance.” He adjusted the child.
    "Hi.” Savannah gave her a dirty look.
    "Uh-oh.” Jack laughed. “You might not realize this, but while you were away, that little lady put a claim on Heath."
    "What?” She smiled at the little girl. “How old are you?"
    "Six.” She smiled and revealed a gap where baby teeth once were.
    "Don't you think you're a little young for him?” Chance watched Heath blush. The little girl was quite taken with him. She shook her head no.
    "I'm going to marry him,” she explained.
    "But I'm already married to him,” Chance reasoned with the child.
    "So.” She shrugged. “You'll be old then."
    Heath bit his lips not to laugh. She wanted to pinch him. “So will he."
    Savannah looked at Heath. She studied him for a long moment then looked at Rafe. “Will he get old, too?"
    "'Fraid so, Baby-girl. You'd be better off holding out till you meet a nice boy when you're thirty.” Rafe nodded.
    "Thirty, Rafe?” Layla looked at him.
    Savannah looked at Heath. Her little brows drew together. “It's not fair."
    "Never is, little one.” Heath pushed her hair back. “But hey, just ‘cause we aren't getting married doesn't mean we can't be friends."
    "I guess.” She seemed put out now. Chance tried not to laugh. “Well, I guess you can have him."
    "Well, thank you.” Chance smiled. “Hey, you know we can be friends, too."
    "Will you take me camping?” She lit up. “Mom won't. She doesn't like bugs."
    "Me, too,” the little boy chimed in.
    "Brice,” Layla scolded. “Savannah, you cannot ask people to take you camping."
    "Let ‘em go, Layla. Heath and Chance can take ‘em.” Rafe looked at her.
    "No.” Layla shook her head. “I can't ask other people to take care of my kids."
    Rafe tilted his head sideways.
    "You know what I mean.” She stood up. “Look, we have to get going. They need to get home and settle down."
    The kids looked at her, and Chance felt her gut twist. Layla needed to get home and settle down. Her

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