Sex Practice
solid girl-wet shaft and
entered her again. Her stomach rising with every impaling thrust,
she gripped the sides of the examination couch, her knuckles
whitening, her back arching, her hips rising to meet him.
    Quickening his
fucking action, Larry took the girl on her incredible journey to
her first penis-induced climax, shafting her spasming cunt with a
vengeance. His shaft glistening with her girl-come, his knob
repeatedly appearing between her rubicund inner petals and driving
into her hot hole, he fucked her until his sperm pump triggered and
his glans throbbed in orgasm. Slipping his cock from the girl's
gripping sex sheath, he massaged her pulsating clitoris with his
throbbing knob, splattering his spunk over her pubic hair, her
inflamed girl-crack.
    "Wank me!" he
gasped, grabbing her hand. Following his instruction, the girl
lifted her head and watched his spunk jet from his cock as she
massaged his throbbing glans. "Ah, ah! Don't stop!" he breathed,
gazing down at his jetting spunk as she massaged her solid clitoris
with his glans. "Keep wanking me!" Moving her hand faster up and
down his veined shaft, massaging her clitoris with his swollen
glans, bringing out his come, her eyes widened with glee as her own
climax heightened, sending electrifying sensations through her
abused body. "That's it, that's good!" Larry praised his pupil.
"Ah, ah! Keep wanking me until there's no more spunk!"
    His flow
finally ceasing, he placed his hands either side of her body, his
weight on his arms, his mouth open, gasping in the aftermath of his
climax. "That was good!" he panted, leaning forward and sucking the
girl's erect nipple into his mouth.
    "It was!" she
replied, massaging his spent cock, exploring his drained balls with
her slender fingers. "It was wonderful! Do it to me again!"
    "In a minute,
in a minute! I need to rest!"
    "Please, use
that electric thing on me - give me the feeling again!" she begged
eagerly in her new-found thirst for sexual satisfaction.
    "All right,
all right!" he sighed, climbing off the couch and grabbing the
vibrator from the shelf. "Bring your knees up, place your feet by
your buttocks and part your knees as wide as you can. That's it,
now hold your cunt lips open for me."
    The girl's
pussy crack drenched with her sticky come and Larry's sperm, she
parted her outer labia, opening the sexual centre of her youthful
body, waiting for the vibrator to take her to paradise again as
Larry switched the device on. Placing the buzzing tip over her
clitoris, he grinned as she breathed in sharply, her face serene,
her body jolting in response to the incredible sensations
permeating her pelvis.
    "Ah, ah, it's
beautiful!" she sang, stretching her cunt lips further apart,
presenting the full length of her solid clitoris to the vibrator.
"God, it's heaven!" Running the tip of the vibrator around her
swelling pleasure bud, Larry brought out another mind-blowing
orgasm. Arching her back, she reached beneath her thigh and slipped
three fingers into her drenched love mouth, finger-fucking her cunt
as her climax rolled on. Delirious, her head swimming, she rolled
her eyes as the sensations peaked and her cunt gripped her
pistoning fingers.
    Well and truly
deflowered, her virginity stripped, she'd moved on from girlhood to
womanhood. Gazing at her heaving breasts, taut, unblemished in
youth, Larry smiled. This was his role in life, he mused - waking
the dormant sexual desires of females, taking them to orgasm,
teaching girls how to pleasure their beautiful bodies. And there
were more girls to deflower, he reflected. The convent was brimming
with virgins!
Jenny finally gasped. "Ah, ah! Beautiful! Heavenly! Stop now!"
Switching the vibrator off, Larry watched the girl pull her
cunt-wet fingers from her steaming sex duct. Her arms limp by her
sides, she straightened her trembling legs and relaxed in the
aftermath of her enforced sexual awakening. Cupping her breasts in
her bra and buttoning her school blouse, Larry

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