Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride

Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride by Emilie Rose

Book: Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride by Emilie Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Emilie Rose
was the word he needed? Prim? Proper? Straightlaced? And that was why she was the perfect bride for him. The council and his family had to believe he’d mended his partying ways.
    â€œI don’t do casual sex.”
    He moved closer, close enough to feel her body heat and catch her scent. “What’s casual about sleeping with your husband?”
    Her throat moved as she swallowed and awareness tightened her face. Sexual tension crackled in the air around them. “L-let me rephrase that. I don’t do meaningless sex. And you agreed. To the no-sex clause.”
    â€œThen what do you suggest?” He lifted a hand to smooth her hair, but she flinched out of reach.
    â€œCan’t we just be…friends?”
    â€œFriends.” The last thing any guy wants to hear from a woman.
    He’d never survive four days in paradise with his reluctant bride without losing his mind. And the thought of two years of celibacy made his package shrivel.
    He had to come up with a plan. A plan to seduce his wife.

    Lauryn wasn’t ready for this. Not yet.
    Who was she kidding? She’d never be ready to try and convince the people who knew Adam best that she was head over heels in love with him. But she’d try. That was their deal.
    She clung tightly to Adam’s hand as they approached the Garrisons’ Bal Harbor estate on Sunday night and hoped she didn’t blow it.
    She would have preferred staying in the Bahamas and tiptoeing around the growing sexual tension between her and Adam to meeting his family en masse, but this morning he’d suddenly insisted on coming home early to organize the move and have Sunday dinner with his family. They’d spent most of the day apart in their respective homes packing boxes for the movers to pick up tomorrow. But that brief reprieve was over and now the spotlight was on her and she had a touch of stage fright.
    Knowing she’d be sleeping in Adam’s condo tonight didn’t help her anxiety level, but the house wasn’t ready. Specifically, the sofa bed for the sitting room wouldn’t be delivered until tomorrow morning. Since she’d refused to let Adam share her bed and he’d refused to sleep in another room for one night, the condo had been their only option.
    Lauryn was so nervous she was almost nauseous. She searched her mind for a distraction. “Mrs. Suarez said something about your brothers getting married recently?”
    Adam didn’t slow his pace as he crossed the brick driveway. “Parker married Anna, his executive assistant, in August. Stephen married Megan in September, and they have a three-year-old daughter who probably won’t be here tonight. My sister Brittany is engaged to Emilio Jefferies, one of Garrison, Inc.’s rivals. If he’s here, you can expect Parker to be on his worst behavior. Brooke is still single.”
    â€œHow will I tell the twins apart?”
    â€œBrooke is a people-pleaser. Count on Mother to be yanking her chain. Brittany is more laid-back.”
    â€œAnd your brothers?”
    â€œParker’s the oldest and he’s a control freak. Stephen’s okay.”
    Control freak? Was there tension between Adam and his brother? “Will Cassie and Brandon be here?”
    â€œNot likely.”
    â€œThat’s too bad.” Lauryn could have used a friendly face.
    â€œTrust me, it’s better to keep Mother and Cassie apart.”
    Cassie would be a reminder of Mr. Garrison’s infidelity. That wouldn’t be easy for any woman to take. “I guess so. I wasn’t thinking.”
    The setting sun cast a mellow light over the creamy stucco walls and terracotta tile roof of an imposing Spanish-style house. If Lauryn weren’t meeting her in-laws she’d probably find the place attractive in a grandiose we-have-loads-of-money way.
    And then it hit her and she almost tripped. She’d married a millionaire. Sure, she’d known Adam came from

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