Scott's Satin Sheets
into coming out on a snorkeling cruise today on Chris’ boat. They were booked full, but there was always room for one more and the truth was, he’d wanted to see her again. For more than just sex. He liked spending time with her. And he got the idea that for a girl who had the world at her fingertips, she truly hadn’t lived much.
    True to his suspicions, she’d never even gone snorkeling before—not in all her island travels.
    He’d also liked introducing her to Chris and Carrie. He’d had to work the cruise, of course—helping customers with gear, getting everyone in the water, providing drinks and snacks for the ride back. But he’d managed to catch up with her in the water, snorkel with her for a few minutes—he’d taken her hand and led her to a chunk of coral where he knew a bunch of little clownfish hung out. He’d gotten to point out a big, funky-looking triggerfish and some butterfly fish too. And the rest of the time, Carrie had hung out with her—they’d seemed to hit it off.
    “Okay, so who’s the chick?” Chris asked now that everyone was gone but the two of them and Carrie.
    “Payton?” He tried to play it off light. “Just a girl I met. Her dad’s the guy who bought the Party Barge and all those other boats. Owns the Crystal Sands too.”
    “Shit,” Chris said. “She had an air of rich girl about her, but…damn. That sounds really rich.”
    Yet Scott shook his head. “She’s rich, but she’s nice.”
    “She is nice,” Carrie chimed in. Then said, “I’m going to go clean up downstairs.”
    Carrie always came on their Sunday cruises—the only day she closed her bookstore on Duvall—and she usually did tidy up belowdecks after the Sunday trip, but Scott sensed her purposely making herself scarce. Which meant she and Chris thought the fact that he’d brought a girl on the cruise meant something.
    “Don’t leave on my account, Care,” he told her.
    She just shook her head and smiled before disappearing into the small lower compartment.
    “So,” Chris said, “Scott’s got a girlfriend.”
    Scott simply rolled his eyes. He hadn’t had a real “girlfriend” since coming to Key West years ago—something both Chris and Carrie frequently gave him a hard time about. “Don’t get too excited, dude. It’s just a hot little fling, that’s all.”
    “How hot?” Chris asked with raised eyebrows.
    Scott couldn’t hold in a big, well-satisfied grin. “Pretty fucking hot,” he replied, keeping his voice low. Not that he was sure why he bothered given that, back before they’d gotten married, Chris and Carrie had indulged in a few wild days and nights with multiple partners themselves. “When she lets herself go, she has the capacity to be a very naughty girl. Last night we had a three-way—she wanted to experiment with two guys at once.”
    Chris leaned his head back. “Brings back memories.” When Carrie had been curious about that, Scott was the guy it had happened with, in that hot tub he’d been reminiscing about just a couple of days ago.
    “Thing is—she’s been pretty sheltered.”
    Chris cut in. “That bikini didn’t look sheltered.”
    Scott grinned. No, it hadn’t. In fact, it suited the real her perfectly and he was surprised Daddy Dearest had allowed it. “She puts on a good show about that,” Scott explained, “but she hasn’t had much experience, and sometimes seems to need a little help getting rid of her inhibitions.”
    “Well, if she wanted to fuck two guys, I’m guessing it worked.”
    Again, Scott chuckled. “Very well. And if she needs help, I’m more than happy to give it to her.” He thought for a minute as he gathered up a length of thick rope, looping it repeatedly around his hand and forearm. “I even kind of liked it, in fact.
    Bolstering her courage. She just makes me want to ensure that she gets to experience all the different kinds of sex she craves.”
    Chris glanced to the opening in the catamaran’s deck through which

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