Sarah the Stripper: The Full Collection
The Stripper’s Awakening
    After a terrible week with problems in school, a car accident, and sudden unemployment, Sarah is at her wit’s end.  Her roommate Carolyn gets her a job as a stripper, and her life is about to change.  It changes faster than she thinks, though, because right after their first performance, Carolyn decides to give Sarah her first lesbian sex experience!
    Sarah could not believe her luck! She failed her science final exam, and that meant her scholarship was in jeopardy, she was fired from her job due to lack of customers, and on the way home she was in a minor fender bender. She didn’t know what to do and all she could think of was jumping off a bridge. She sat on the couch, with her knees drawn up to her chest, crying. Her roommate, Carolyn walked in the door of their small two bedroom apartment and when she saw Sarah, she ran to the couch and hugged her.
    “Sarah what the fuck is wrong honey? Are you okay?”
    ‘No I am far from okay! This entire day sucked cock and it is only Tuesday! I lost my job, failed an exam and ran into the back of some stupid old cunt that couldn’t use a turn signal! I am just fucking done and don’t know what to do! “
    “First, you need to breathe! The last thing I need is to call an ambulance about my roommate dying on the floor! Now, one thing at a time okay? The exam, can you make it up?”
    “Yes I can.”
    “So stop crying about that and make it up. Second the old lady you hit, how bad did you fuck up her car and yours?”
    “I scratched the paint on her car, but she called the cops and a police report was done and now my insurance will go up!”
    “Big fucking deal, it will go up like twenty dollars, stop crying about that. Last, the job, you barely made any money there anyway. Look, they are hiring at my club. Don’t give me that look Sarah. You can make close to a grand a night! I have seen you dance and you look good!”
    “Yeah but only after a drink or five.”
    “So have a few drinks then go on stage! Fuck, I do and look; all my shit is taken care of.”
    “Carolyn I have nothing to wear for that kind of stuff.”
    “Wow, seems you have forgotten the fact that I work in a strip club. I have a few things you can wear at the start, but then it’s all skin!”
    “I am not sure I can.”
    “Yes you can. Now get the fuck up, take a shower and I will get a few little things together.”
    Sarah glared at Carolyn but knew better than to argue with her. She rolled her eyes and smiled as she got off the couch. Once in the bathroom, she stripped off her clothes and got in the shower. The hot water felt so good on her flesh, and she finally relaxed. She washed her body and when her cloth touched her pussy, a small moan escaped her lips. She dropped the cloth and started rubbing her clit with her index finger. The shock waves ripped through her entire body and she bit her bottom lip. She had always been the door mouse type and at the age of twenty two, she might have played with her pussy ten fifteen times in her life! She was no virgin, she had sex before, but it was pretty tamed to say the least.
    She began rubbing her clit left and right, and then up and down. With each movement, her knees became weaker and weaker and she had to sit down. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head and her breathing became fast, shallow and heavy. Her pussy was instantly on fire and as her toes began to curl, her climax took over. With each orgasmic spasm that went through her pussy, her breathing became even more rapid and shallow. She bit down on her lip even harder to stop herself from screaming. Once she was able to stand, she got to her feet and finished washing herself off in the shower.
    Sarah had a towel wrapped around her when Carolyn barged in the bathroom with her hand in between her legs.
    “Sorry baby girl, but I have to pee so damn bad! Hell you have been in here for a month already!”
    “I was not! Did you get the clothes?”
    “Well, I

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