Safe Word

Safe Word by Teresa Mummert

Book: Safe Word by Teresa Mummert Read Free Book Online
Authors: Teresa Mummert
I took a step over to block his view but it was too late.
    “I’ve got this under control.” I widened my stance as Crank pulled off his leather jacket.
    “I know you do, but I have a bigger and better job for you.” Danny smiled.
    “I’m gonna go try out the merchandise.” Crank rubbed his hands together before stepping around me and heading toward my room. My entire body tensed as I tried to plan what to do next. Whitey cocked his head to the side as he watched my reaction.
    “You ain’t got a problem with that, do ya?” He let out a low chuckle and I wanted to bury my fist in his fucking face.
    I turned to Danny, putting on my best poker face.
    “As long as he doesn’t mind sloppy seconds.” The guys laughed and my stomach turned as I heard Lily speaking to Crank in the distance. I knew it was against the rules to fuck with the girls. Lily was safe, but she wouldn’t know it and I wished I could tell her she had nothing to worry about.
    “What’s the job?” I asked, turning my attention back to Danny.
    “We need someone to oversee a large shipment coming in. Details to come.”
    “Ouch! Fuck!” Crank yelled form my room and I spun around to see what was going on. He was straddling Lily with his fist cocked back. I didn’t have time to second guess as I sprinted to the bedroom and grabbed his arm, yanking him backward with all of my strength. He fell to the floor beside the bed, the wind knocked out of him.
    “I never said you could fuck her on my bed. That’s just fucking rude.” I took a step back to let him know I wasn’t a threat as Whitey entered, gun in hand. Danny followed, his eyes going from Crank to me and finally landing on Lily.
    “All right. Pissing match is over. Get the fuck off the ground.” Danny kicked Crank with his boot causing him to grunt in pain. “We don’t put our hands on the ladies.” Danny’s eyes flicked to Lily. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he is sorry.” He gave her a sickening smile before his expression went blank.
    “I think I should finish up this job. I can do both.” I glanced over my shoulder at Lily, who looked frightened and was pushing herself against my wooden headboard. “We can’t send her back all fucked up. Those aren’t the rules.”
    Danny thought over what I said as he stared down Lily.
    “There are no second chances. I’ll be in touch with details about the job.” He turned to leave the bedroom with Whitey on his heels.
    “Don’t forget your junkie.” I glared down at Crank as he pushed himself up from the floor and stumbled after them. Whitey grabbed his arm and pulled him along. I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of happiness, knowing that Crank would probably be floating in a river by morning.
    I waited for the door to latch before turning to look at Lily. She looked terrified, and I hoped she knew that I wouldn’t have let him hurt her. I was willing to fuck everything up in that moment to keep her safe. I held out my hand to her. Her eyes drifted from my fingers to eyes before she finally released her grip on the headboard and tentatively reached out to me. As her fingers slid over my palm, I closed my hand around hers. I pulled her toward me and her free arm flew around my neck as she buried her face against my chest. It was unusual being the one to comfort someone who was scared. I was the one who gave the nightmares.
    I released her fingers and put my hands in her hair, rubbing over it soothingly.
    “Shh…” I whispered as I pressed my lips to the top of her head. Her hands slid down my neck to my shoulders as she whimpered. Her nails pushed into my flesh as if she were clinging to her last morsel of hope. “I wouldn’t have let him hurt you,” I spoke into her hair. I felt a warm teardrop fall onto my chest and roll down over the ridges of my stomach. I pulled her back and tilted her chin up to look her in the eye. Her hands trailed down over my shoulders and slid down my stomach to the edge of my jeans.

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