Come on, don’t you see how odd this sounds? This is moving too fast.”
    “Well, it’s my relationship,” I snapped.
    Alex was quiet for a moment. “I’m not trying to make you mad or tell you what to do. I’m just worried about you. You deserve the best, and I want to make sure you get it.”
    “I appreciate your concern, but I’m fine—really. I admit that Ethan and I have moved a little fast, but it feels right. Don’t worry about me.”
    “I can’t stop worrying about you.”
    I stared at him. “Alex, I really want you and Jared to like him. Give him a chance.”
    “Give me a chance.”
    We said nothing for a long moment. He grabbed my hand and held it within his. “You don’t deserve any kind of pain, Sadie. Please be logical about this.”
    I heard a knock on the front door and wondered if Ethan was there. Jared would let him in. I really wanted to run into his arms but I couldn’t just ignore Alex like that. He was just trying to look after me. “There is no such thing as logical when it comes to love.”
    “You’re confusing infatuation with love. What you have with Ethan is infatuation. There’s nothing there.”
    “I know what I feel, Alex. Please drop it.”
    He didn’t release my hand.
    “Give him a chance.  Please, Alex.”
    The bedroom door opened and Ethan came into the room. He stared at Alex with hatred spewing from his eyes. I ha d never seen Ethan look like that before. He was normally so calm and collected. When he saw our joined hands, I quickly pulled away. I knew this looked bad—really bad.
    Ethan advanced toward me then grabbed my face and kissed me hard. He fell to his knees at the foot of the bed and ran his hands over my body. As soon as his lips touched mine, I felt the burn between my legs. This man could get me hot without even trying. When he pulled away, he kissed me on the head. He glared at Alex before he rose to his feet then walked toward the door.
    “Leave this open,” he snapped. He left the bedroom, leaving Alex and I alone.
    Alex was quiet for a moment. “Well, he seems—nice.”
    I tried not to laugh. “I’ve never seen him act that way.”
    “Well, he makes a good first impression.”
    “In his defense, I’m in my bedroom with some guy he doesn’t know. And the bedroom door was closed. Plus, I was holding your hand.”
    “And your brother is in the next room. I find it unlikely that something would be happening between us if you knew he was coming over. Sounds like he has trust issues.”
    I didn’t know what to think. Ethan was like a possessive, out of control, cave man when he came into my room. His jealousy was actually kinda hot. “He’s just staking his claim.”
    “Is that really necessary?”
    “Well, you are trying to convince me to break up with him so I think he’s right on the money.” I rose to my feet and Alex followed me. “I appreciate your concern, Alex, but I can take care of myself. I trust Ethan and he makes me happy. Please be supportive.”
    He sighed. “I’ll try.”
    “Thank you.”
    When I walked into the living room, Ethan was sitting on the couch watching the television. Jared was on the other sofa. They weren’t speaking to each other. When I walked by Ethan to sit next to him, he pulled me into his lap.
    “Hey, baby,” he whispered.
    “I missed you today.”
    “I missed you too.”
    He brought his lips close to my ear. “Do I need to kill that fucker?”
    I kissed him. “No.”
    Ethan blatantly glared at Alex then returned his gaze to me. “If he touches you again, I’ll kill him.”
    “What’s gotten into you?” I hissed.
    “I told you last night that everything would be different. I warned you. You’re mine—mine.”
    “I like being yours.”
    “Good. You should get used to it.”
    Koku jumped on the couch and sat next to us. He had a bone in his mouth.
    I looked at Ethan. “Are you trying to make my dog fat?”
    “What? It was on sale.”

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