Running in Fear: Abandoned

Running in Fear: Abandoned by Trinity Blacio

Book: Running in Fear: Abandoned by Trinity Blacio Read Free Book Online
Authors: Trinity Blacio
can't stand shifting and being naked. Everyone stares,” Jaycee said.
    Bo hugged her. “We'll see. I'll talk to Mom and see if it's okay to show you. Now introduce your mates to me so they don't bite my head off.” He swatted her ass and nudged her forward.
    Jaycee introduced her mates, but they stayed quiet.
    “Okay, Dane, why are you guys so quiet?” she asked as she sat back down near the fire. Her mates never took their eyes off Bo.
    “It's unusual for another shifter species to take in a different one. We're just trying to figure out why they would take you in and treat you like family,” Remi said.
    “Our family is different from normal shape shifters,” Bo said. “My mom is also a witch. We were outcasts at first until I challenged the alpha of our pack and won. But when I found Jaycee in the woods that day, I knew I couldn't leave her there. There was so much pain in her eyes. My mother fell in love with her right away when I brought her home. My mom had six boys and not one girl. She longed for a daughter and, well, Jaycee is her daughter. Jaycee doesn't know it yet, but Mom is going to talk to her tomorrow about learning the ways of the witch. She wants to pass on her knowledge to her since there are no females in our family, but her.”
    Bo went to the door. “Jaycee, I want you to stay inside tonight. Jack is out there somewhere,” he said, looking at the door.
    “Well, why didn't you bring him with you? You're hardly ever apart.”
    “You don't understand,” Bo said. “He's furious right now with you. For some strange reason he always believed you were his. He knows now that's not the case, but it hurt him. He smells that you're mated and it's driving him crazy. Even though he has a mate, it still hurts him. He'll calm down tonight, but just stay inside for now.”
    Jaycee looked down at the floor. “I didn't know. I'm sorry, Bo. It seems I bring trouble where ever I go.” Jaycee turned to go to her room when Bo stopped her, pulling her into his arms.
    “Little sister, you did nothing, but be your kind self. How could anyone not love you? He'll be fine. He has his mate waiting for him. Now go on and go to bed.”
    She knew he wanted to talk to her mates so she excused herself from the room, walking up the stairs to the loft where her bedroom was. She slipped off her clothes, used the bathroom, and climbed into bed.
    Eventually the bang of the door indicated Bo had left. She waited for her mates and she didn't have to wait long. All three of them came up the stairs, looking around her room.
    “This is incredible, Jaycee,” Dane said, looking around the room. She sat up, smiling at him.
    “Before I left, I told Marsha about my dream room and they did this for me while I was gone. Isn't it great? She incorporated my love for certain things. See those fairies behind you? I used to have tons of them. I collected them when I was small, but my mother went into a rage one night when dad left, and broke everyone except the few I hid from her. I loved dolphins too, so Bo painted that wall for me. It relaxes me so much just to look at it when I try to sleep.” Jaycee pulled the covers up over her, looking at her mates. “You see, I know it will take a while for each of us to get to really know each other, but all I wanted was to share some part of me with you. I needed that. I know I'm different, but every once in a while, all I want is to be held and to be loved.” Jaycee whispered the last part, watching her mates strip out of their clothes. They were breathtaking–so strong, muscular, and handsome.
    Dane crawled into bed, pulling the blankets from her, and taking in her naked body. “I need you, baby, and we do love you. We may forget to show you, but we do love you,” he whispered into her ear as he kissed her neck, licked her neck. His mouth moved over every inch of her body as he slowly worshiped her.
    She watched Mark and Remi. Mark was on his knees sucking Remi's cock, while Remi watched

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