RulingPassion by Katherine Kingston

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Authors: Katherine Kingston
forth over it, surrounded
it and squeezed gently. Her skin confined her too tightly, drawing her into an
arc of tension. He rubbed harder, driving her deeper into the chaos of need,
until she suddenly exploded with a scream of delight. Waves of pleasure rolled
over her, one after the other. She throbbed with it, clenching and releasing
    When she finally relaxed and her breathing returned to
something close to normal, she opened her eyes to see him watching her. The joy
and satisfaction on his face made something clench in her chest. Love for him
flooded her being, overwhelming all else. Whether or not they had a future
together—and she would do all in her power to try to ensure it—even more
important to her was that Jeoffrey should have what would make him happy.
    He lifted her from the tub and wrapped her in a warm, soft
cloth, patting it gently against her to absorb the remaining water. Her legs
wobbled and she could barely stand, but he steadied her as he led her to the
bed. She sat on its side. Jeoffrey brought another cloth and toweled her hair
until all the excess water was gone from it and the strands began to curl
    Then he pulled the damp cloths from her body and left her
sitting nude on the bed. She reached for her nightshift, but he stopped her
with a hand on her arm.
    “Nay, I’m not finished yet.”
    She watched him go to his garderobe and reach for something
at the bottom of it. He pulled out a small glass jar with a cloth stopper. When
he removed the cloth, the heady aroma of an exotic perfume drifted from it.
    “What is it?” she asked, basking in the lovely fragrance.
    “Oil of sandalwood. I bought it from a trader some months
ago but had forgotten it until recently. He said he brought it from Persia.” He
put his finger over the top and upended the jar for a moment. He came to her
side and ran the oil-coated finger along her throat and down between her
breasts. The aroma hit her even more strongly, dazzling her sense of smell. The
smooth glide of it on her flesh roused fresh tingles of anticipation.
    He eased her back until she lay sprawled on the bed, then he
began anointing her all over with the oil. His fingers slid over her flesh in
an uncommonly easy, gentle glide. He circled her breasts, spiraling in toward
the center until she tightened to near unbearable tension in anticipation of
his reaching the tips. And when his slick fingers did finally brush across
them, she moaned in delight as pleasure again struck into her.
    By the time he’d gone up and down her legs, into her slit
and out again, she could hardly bear it. Just when she was sure another stroke
would make her explode he stopped and kissed her. Without his asking she knew
what he wanted.
    She sat up and pushed him back onto the bed beside her. The
oil felt sensuously slick and heavy against her finger when she tipped some
out. It let her fingers glide against his skin in a way they never could
otherwise, bringing a whole new dimension of pleasure in touching him. The
aroma ravished her senses and lifted the experience into something sublimely
removed from everyday life.
    She made spirals on his chest muscles, working in toward his
nipples just as he’d done with her.
    He groaned when her oil-smeared palm glided up the length of
his cock and then down again. Its heavy length throbbed wildly in her hand.
    He couldn’t bear it for long and soon pushed her back down
and positioned himself over her. With the oil easing its way, his cock slid
into her easily and more freely than normal. He took his time with the strokes,
moving in and out on a slow rhythm that let pleasure and tension build farther
than she thought she could bear.
    Finally they yelled at the same time. He spilled his seed
into her just as the stars burst once again in her brain and pleasure drowned
her in wracking sensation.

Chapter Nine
    The next morning he requested her assistance with some
business matters needing attention. She followed him

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