Rock You Like a Hurricane: Stormy Weather, Book 1

Rock You Like a Hurricane: Stormy Weather, Book 1 by Lena Matthews and Liz Andrews

Book: Rock You Like a Hurricane: Stormy Weather, Book 1 by Lena Matthews and Liz Andrews Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lena Matthews and Liz Andrews
up, baby, and you’re going to make us both come.”
    She moaned around Greg’s dick and the other man let out an appreciative groan. “Fuck.” Greg’s eyes rolled back.
    “Feeling good?”
    “God, yes. So good.”
    The unfettered passion in Greg’s voice sent shivers racing down Jack’s spine and spurred Jack’s arousal even more. Closing his eyes, Jack dug his fingers into Liv’s hips and picked up his speed. He rocked into her again and again, pushing her down onto Greg with every thrust.
    The arousing sounds of flesh smacking into flesh and moans and groans of pleasure filled the room. It was an aural, visceral feast that had his balls begging for release, but Jack refused to surrender to his body’s demand. At least not until Liv and Greg came first, and the way Liv’s pussy fluttered around him he knew it wouldn’t be long. “Suck him dry and come for me, Liv. I can’t last much longer.”
    “Yes, baby, do it.” Greg thrust his hips up to the primal rhythm. “Drink me down. Yeah, like that. Yes. Fuck.”
    Greg held her head still as he growled, and gave a series of stuttered thrusts, before pulling free and collapsing on the bed in front of her. Free to be as loud as she pleased now, Liv filled the room with heady, soul-shattering moans that had Jack pumping into her as if his very life depended on it.
    “Jack, ohhh God.” Liv’s sex contracted around his cock as her orgasm rocked through her. Turning her head, she sent him a pleading look from passion-filled eyes. “Don’t stop…please…fuck…me harder, Jack.”
    Jack couldn’t have stopped if he wanted. Closing his eyes, he did as she begged. He powered into her, holding her tight as she screamed out her release. The sweet sound drove him right over the edge. Gritting his teeth, he thrust into her one more time then exploded inside her, his body shaking from the force of his release.
    Exhausted, he pulled his sated member from her clenching flesh and collapsed on the bed next to her. Without having to say a word, the three of them adjusted themselves on the bed so Liv lay between them. The bed, although not a king, provided just enough room for them each to lie on their backs without touching one another. Not that they stayed to themselves. Before Jack could regulate his breathing and calm his pounding heart, Liv’s small hand found his on the mattress and she locked their fingers together. He had no doubt her other hand was clasped tightly to Greg’s, and surprisingly the only thing that bothered him was it didn’t bother him. It felt strangely right, which was wrong, and altogether confusing.

Chapter Five
    The sound of water running and the warmth from someone pressed against him woke Greg from a sound sleep. Cautious, he opened his eyes to see who was next to him. With a relieved sigh, he calmed his racing heart. It was Olivia, not Jack. It was one thing to get up close and personal with the other man when Olivia was between them, but quite a different story if she wasn’t.
    Relieved, Greg settled back in the bed and pulled Olivia closer to him. He wasn’t sure when he’d fallen asleep, but from the darkness encasing the dimly lit room, he knew he hadn’t slept long. It was still night, or possibly early morning, and from the sounds of things the storm was still raging, although not as fiercely as before. To make matters even better, Jack was nowhere in sight. The night was looking up already.
    With a slight smile, he tightened his hold on her. The soft curve of her buttocks felt heavenly pressed against him and brought back fond memories of nights when he wasn’t just pressed against her ass, but buried in it. The very thought caused his cock to rise with renewed vigor. By all rights, it should have been down for the count, but the memory combined with the feel of her soft, thick body against his was more than his libido could bear.
    “I see you’re up.”
    Unashamed at his reaction to her, Greg chuckled at the double

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