River of Secrets

River of Secrets by Lynette Eason

Book: River of Secrets by Lynette Eason Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lynette Eason
sniffed back her own tears. “I know. I was going to do that in the morning. Actually, I was going to do that today, but we got involved in a, um, an unexpected…adventure and I haven’t had the chance.”
    “We’re going to cut our cruise short and fly out there. Maybe seeing all of us will jar his memory.” Excitement colored Gabe’s voice now that he was getting over the shock of finding out his best friend and fellow SEAL was alive.
    “I’m still going to talk to him in the morning. I’ve got to tell him, although, to be honest, I’m afraid of what he’ll say when he remembers that it was my mother that…”
    Gabe said, “Micah won’t hold that against you.”
    Amy wasn’t so sure of that.
    “We’ll call you when we finalize the details. I’m not sure what’s going on with this storm, so we may be stuck here for a while. We’re in Nassau, the Bahamas, and they’re calling for a hurricane.”
    “Okay. I’ll go break the news to Micah. Pray for him…and me.”
    “We’ll be praying, Amy. Bye now.”
    “Bye,” she whispered and hung up.
    “Well, that went well.” Anna’s voice startled her. She’d been so deep in thought she’d forgotten the other woman was still there.
    “Pretty well,” she muttered. “Let’s just hope the same can be said after my meeting with Micah in the morning.”
    Morning arrived in a blaze of glory and Juan decided to get to work on the wing while the sun was shining. Thoughts of last night crowded his mind, and he decided the physical labor would be cathartic even though it might be painful. He headed for the tool storage to grab a belt. Jonathas was already there, along with Salvador.
    “Bom dia, senhor.” Salvador greeted him with a solemn face.
    “Good morning, Sal. How are you?”
    The boy shrugged and Jonathas stepped up to grab the last belt from the shelf. “He is being a pain today. I don’t know what his problem is, but I’m ready to work.”
    Juan shot the teen a warning look and Jonathas muttered, “Sorry.”
    Juan patted Salvador on the shoulder and stepped into the wing under construction. A new shipment of lumber gleamed in the morning light. Stacked almost eight-feet tall and loosely roped together, the lumber would be enough to finish the project. He pounded the first nail into the wood, wincing from the pain of his rib. Okay, he thought, sitting back. Maybe he wouldn’t be pounding nails. He inhaled the scent of construction mingled with the smell of breakfast coming from the cafeteria. He’d stop by there in about an hour.
    Swinging the hammer brought satisfaction, but too much pain. He couldn’t do it. He’d have to supervise or something. Eventually, the other workers arrived one by one, coming from various parts of the jungle or the city of Tefe. Everyone exchanged greetings and got to work, not wanting to miss out on an ounce of daylight and the cooperative weather. The forecast called for another thunderstorm later in the day, and Juan wanted to have the walls finished by then. Piece by piece, the plywood went up. As he made the rounds, checking nails, the progress of the other workers and pausing to let his rib rest, he thought about Amy and her crazy trip into Tefe last night.
    What was she thinking going off on her own like that? Who had she gone to meet and why? When he’d asked Anna, she’d been vague, saying that it was up to Amy to tell him. He wondered who her attacker had been and why she didn’t want to report him to the authorities. What was she hiding? And what “things” had she been going to tell him last night?
    Maybe he should have stopped by the dock this morning instead of coming straight to work on the wing. No, she’d find him as she’d promised when she was done with her quiet time. He pictured her sitting out there on the dock, studying her Bible and talking to God. Or would she find a different place to have her quiet time instead of the spot where he’d almost been run over?
    He stopped to take

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