Right Now (The Seduced Series)

Right Now (The Seduced Series) by Jackie McMahon

Book: Right Now (The Seduced Series) by Jackie McMahon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jackie McMahon
heard the car speed out of the garage and down the driveway. I dropped to my knees, as I couldn’t fight back the tears. I prayed for Dennis to be okay and to come back to me in one piece. I made all sorts of bargains with Dennis over the weeks of being here. I could live with the fact of him leaving me, I could live with the fact of him breaking my heart but I can’t live in a world where he doesn’t exist. All this waiting was going to kill me but I have to stay strong, for myself and for him. Carmella was right, he would have wanted me to stay here so he knows that I’m safe. That’s why he kidnapped me in the first place, right? To keep me safe, I can do that for him. I sat down on the couch and pulled my legs up to my chest then wrapped my arms around my legs and waited for the fate of my love.

Chapter Eight
    I kicked a piece of scrap metal that was once my Lamborghini. Why didn’t I notice that there was something wrong sooner? I was on my way back home when I lost control of the car. When I noticed that my brake and steering wheel were not working I knew that the car had been tampered with.  Before I hit the tunnel to the bridge that’s at the end of the highway that leads back to the estate, I opened the door and jumped out. I was glad that I decided to wear my leather jacket today, since it was so nice out this morning. I spotted a black SUV fly around the corner and stop a few feet from me. It was Colin and he jumped out to help me.
    “Dennis!” He called to me. “I just got a call that you were in an accident. I’m glad to see that you’re still in one peace.”
    “Yeah, you beat the police down here,” I said sarcastically. 
    “What the hell happened here?” He said looking at the pile of twisted metal that was once called my car.
    “I lost control. I think someone tampered with it. I bet Benny sent one of his goon’s down here,” I stated.
    “I’ll have someone take a look into Ever’s and Ever’s parking lot’s surveillance video. Don’t worry Dennis, we’ll bring down the son of a bitch who is responsible for all this,” he said.
    “How about you lock up Benny! Don’t you see? He knows I have her, he was just trying to send me a message,” I shouted as I pointed at my car. “He’s going to do whatever it takes to get what he wants and I can’t have that. What if she was in the fucking car? You better find a way to bring this son of a bitch down, or else I’m going to get involved in this shit whether you like it or not,” I told Colin how it was, I never spoke to him like that before but the look he gave me he understood where I was coming from, especially when it comes to protecting the woman that I love.
    “I understand Dennis but trust me when I say we have it all under control. I’ve been doing this for a long time boy,” he warned. “I have to get back to the HQ, do you need a ride?” Around the corner came my Aston Martin and stopped with a screech. Jared and Carmella jumped out of the car to make sure I was okay.
    “No, my ride my ride is here.”
    “I’ll talk to you soon,” he said while walking back towards his SUV.
    “Thank heavens, Dennis. Are you okay?” Carmella asked as she engulfed me in a hug.
    “I’m okay, a few scratches here and there. But I’ll live,” I said as we walked back to the Martin.
    “What happened?” She asked.
    “Someone tampered with my car,” I said.
    “But who?” She asked baffled.
    “Benny, he must have sent one of his men,” I said.
    “The guy that broke out of prison and is trying to get Angelina and her ring that she wears?” Jared asked.
    “Yes. He must have found out that I’m protecting her. It’s a warning.”
    “Oh my!” Carmella exclaimed. “What will happen to her if he gets to her?”
    “He will kill her,” I said as I buried my face in my hands. “I can’t let that happen, I just can’t,” I whispered.
    “I know,” she whispered back trying to soothe me.
    “At the moment, Colin

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