Riding in the Night (Live Free MC Erotica)
    He slid his steely member in and out of me,
slowly at first, but gaining speed as we went. One hand rested on
my hip, the other had a fist full of my hair, pulling just enough,
like the reigns of a horse. I was his filly and he was breaking me
    I looked into the full length mirror and
another wave of pure sexual release hit me as I watched him fuck me
from behind. My tits bouncing with every motion. He was staring at
my ass, watching his penis slide in and out of me, but then he
looked and we locked eyes in the mirror and I my pussy convulsed
and the massive orgasm shook me hard. My body convulsed and
wouldn’t stop. My toes curled, my hands gripped the chair so hard I
thought I would break it.
    Rian stopped rocking me, but stayed inside.
“Good?” he said, I could hear the smile in his voice.
    “Oh God,” I said.
    He pulled out and untied me and we fell to
the bed, tangled in each other.
    “Tell me.”
    “Not now,” I said.
    “Tell me now. I have to know.”
    I said I would tell Rian all about my past.
How I had come to know so much about life in the MC. It was a story
I wasn’t looking forward to, but it had to be told and it was as
good a time as any. I closed my eyes, started talking, and didn’t
stop until I had said everything.
    It was a few years ago. I was working in a
bar, not the kind of fun, exciting go out on a Friday night kind of
place, but the kind of sad, lonely place where you could drink and
never strike up a conversation with another soul. My official job
title was bartender, but did it all. I poured the drinks, swept the
floor, and even ordered supplies if the manager was too drunk or
stoned to do it himself. It wasn’t the kind of place you wanted to
spend the rest of your life, but I had to admit it was what I
needed at that point. I had just lost my job due to cutbacks and a
week later my boyfriend of two years took off with some friend of
his. I was at a low point, maybe my lowest, and that bar seemed
like the best place I could be. Like everyone else there, I was
hiding from the world.
    I remember it was a Tuesday night, sometime
after midnight. I was thinking about shutting the place down
because the only person there was Tommy, the 59 year old former
baseball player, and he had been passed out for an hour.
    The door opened and he walked in. He
was not the type that usually walked into that bar. He was tall,
with dark soulful eyes. Muscular, but not big, a swimmer’s build.
He reminded me a lot of guy from True
Blood , the tall blonde guy. What made him blend in to
the place was his appearance. His white v-neck t-shirt was torn and
there was a deep cut above his right eye that was healing
    He sat at the bar and ordered a whiskey.
“Have one for yourself, on me.”
    I poured a second and we clinked glasses.
    “Rough night?”
    He drained the glass and motioned for
another. “What’s with him?” he said pointing to Tommy.
    “He’s here every night. Falls asleep in that
same spot most nights. Used to play ball.”
    “Anyone I’d ever heard of?
    “No, not unless you follow Triple A
    He shook his head and took another drink. He
looked around the place and noticed the broken pinball machine with
the glass smashed inside.
    “Have some trouble here?”
    “Been like that ever since I’ve been here.
Manager can’t or won’t get rid of it.”
    “Maybe it has sentimental value.”
    I smiled at him. “Maybe.” He had this easy
way about him and when I talked to him he made it seem like the
rest of the world drifted away. “What time does this place
    I walked over to the neon sign and switched
it off. I turned off all the lights in the place except the small
ones over bar. We walked to Tommy and hoisted him of his chair. We
half walked half carried him to the door. He thanked me for a most
wonderful evening and walked out into the

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