Revocation (The Canyon Wolves)

Revocation (The Canyon Wolves) by Laura Fields

Book: Revocation (The Canyon Wolves) by Laura Fields Read Free Book Online
Authors: Laura Fields
Chapter 1
poured down in sheets, drenching anyone brave enough to venture outside. The
worried friends of Harper were not leaving Canyon Public Hospital anytime soon
without getting drenched, so the weather did nothing but worsen their mood.
young woman who had been admitted to the ICU two days ago hadn’t yet stirred.
Axel patrolled the hallways, checking on her progress every third lap. He had
known immediately when she was in danger, had felt the emptiness when they
knocked her unconscious. That moment had started the longest 24 hours of his
life. Axel had torn the town apart in search of her, starting at the location
she had been before the kidnapping. Eight hours later, after fruitless
searching and much shouting on his part, she had regained consciousness and
told him about the dark room. Before she could say much more, the bond was
broken as they knocked her unconscious again.
had been in pure agony for the past three days, to say the least. After Harper
awoke a second time, her wolf had taken control and sent him images through the
bond while she escaped the empty warehouse. Wolf ran through the wilderness inconsolably
while Axel tried to track her location. He and his second-in-command found her
two hours later on the side of the road, battered, bruised, and once again
unconscious, but alive.
he had forced the doctors to answer was whether or not Harper had been raped.
If she had, he didn’t know how he would handle it. They had reassured him that
aside from a few cuts and bruises, she was fine.
was 3 in the morning, 40 hours later, and he had been had been asking himself
the same question over and over again since Harper's admittance to Canyon
Public Hospital. Why did Harper’s wolf run around wildly instead of helping him
find her?
second, Conner, was stationed outside Harper’s door because he was one of the
few wolves Axel trusted. Conner had been the beta of the Canyon Pack for five
loyal years, serving by Axel’s side through thick and thin. That was the only
reason he left his mate vulnerable for one minute intervals while he paced the
hospital floor.
he was halfway down the hall, Axel felt her presence stir in his mind. She was
head hurt. Her body hurt. It smelled like antiseptic, clean and sharp. She
wanted to look around, but her eyes were too heavy and she was too tired. Pain
thrummed through each limb and she groaned. 
voice whispered, "Give her a minute. She'll feel a bit groggy."
opened her eyes to bright lights and hopeful faces. A woman to the right leaned
over her bed, her mom, and a woman waited by the wall. The scratchy pillowcase
rubbed her cheek as she shifted.
Harper croaked. Her voice was rough, making speech painful. Tears welled up
from pain and seeing her mother.
baby girl! How are you feeling?" Gene’s warm face filled Harper’s vision
as her mother leaned in close.
head hurts."
mother had been there when Harper had broken her arm, lost her history
competition, and was dumped by her prom date freshman year. She was the only
one Harper felt comfortable whining to, and she was always there when things
were rough.
know it does, honey. You’ve been badly hurt. We’re in the hospital right
door flew open and slammed against the wall. Harper watched a handsome man
storm into her room. All attention shifted to him and his overwhelming presence.
Harper appreciated his tall form, strong face, and messy dark hair. His
blue eyes ran over her body with relief.
was the luckiest patient ever, to get such a hot doctor.
he whispered, relaxing immediately.
    Harper, a deep voice said in her mind a moment
later. Whoa! She was going crazy, hearing dual voices. Maybe she should
inform the doctor.
two long strides, he was kneeling next to her bed. He had a 5 o’clock shadow
that fit his jaw perfectly. His face should have been too close for

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