Revelry (Taint #1)

Revelry (Taint #1) by Carmen Jenner

Book: Revelry (Taint #1) by Carmen Jenner Read Free Book Online
Authors: Carmen Jenner
Tags: Romance
a grown woman to have a blanky, especially a Star Wars one, but it was kind of cool. I mean, the fact that it had the Rebel Alliance Starbird on it made it cool—just like the tattoo on the back of my neck. I got nervous if I couldn’t keep my hands busy. Fluffy blankets calmed me, and a fourteen-hour flight into LA sitting beside any one of these four hot rockers wasn’t the time to be lacking a distraction.
    Life with Zed had been fun, enlightening sometimes, and dangerous even when he’d tried teaching me some pole moves and I’d almost popped my shoulder out of the socket, but tonight was where it had become awkward.
    Zed had brought home not one, but two busty babes and had taken them into his room. Leif wasn’t home yet, and I would have killed to have had the separation that an extra locking door could provide against the weird and wild noises coming from Zed’s room, but I didn’t want Leif getting the wrong idea. He’s an okay guy, but he uses as well as deals, and sometimes he gets a little handsy. Hijacking his bed for the night wasn’t an option. But neither was sitting here staring at the TV and holding my hands against my ears to block out the noise.
    The bedroom door opens and I slide farther down onto the couch, hoping neither of the girls feels like getting chatty, but then Zed struts into the kitchen completely naked and heads right to the fridge. I cover my eyes, because though technically the kitchen is behind me, I can see his reflection in the big windows running the length of the room. All of his reflection.
    “How’s it going, Ginger?”
    “Zed, please tell me you’re not talking to me with your dick hanging out?”
    “What? It’s not like you’ve never seen cock before?” he says, walking across the room and stopping in front of me so that his penis is right in front of my face.
    “Oh my god, gross. You’re buck naked, sporting a boner and talking to me like it’s just another day at the apartment.”
    “You know, Ginge, you’re about to spend every waking second of the next three months with one or all of us on tour. By the end of it you’ll be so used to cock, you won’t even bat an eyelid.”
    He snatches up the can of whipped cream that I’d been periodically spraying into my mouth and disappears with it and his ice cream into the bedroom.
    “Hey, I was eating that.”
    “Your arse will thank me, Ali.”
    Damn him, he’s probably right .
    My phone buzzes on the couch beside me, and I pick it up and glance at the screen, opening the message.
    Coop: Ali-Cat. I have people over and we’ve run out of booze. Tell me you’re not drinking right now, and can come save my life?
    I glare at the screen as if he could see my seriously pissed off face and type out my response.
    Me: Seriously? Save your life? Are you choking in some way? Having a heart attack? Has a serial killer invaded your home and cut out your voice box, rendering you unable to call triple zero?
    Coop: No. Why do you sound like you’re wishing one of those things had happened?
    Me: Because I see no other reason for you to be texting me in the middle of the night to come save your life.
    Coop: Question? If the other guys called you in the middle of the night, would you come?
    Me: Without question. :)
    I’m pretty sure he knows that’s not true, but I sort of love pissing him off.
    Coop: Ouch, so catty.
    Me: Oh, was I mean to da poor widdle wock star?
    Coop: Yes, my feelings are seriously hurt. You should come kiss them better.
    Me: Bite me.
    Coop: Just tell me where.
    Me: We fly out at five am, Cooper. Now let me go to sleep.
    Coop: Can you really sleep through all that noise from Zed’s room?
    Me: How do you know he’s being noisy?
    Coop: He’s a nervous flyer. He likes to fuck out all his anxiety beforehand. If he disappears into the bathroom a hundred times during our flight, he’s more than likely going to jack off, or he’s roping some attendant into joining the mile-high club.
    Me: I really could

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