Return To Snowy Creek
Chapter 1
    Grant Williams cleared his throat and
watched Jennifer Tilman walk across the room. In life, she filled
every bit of her role as a movie star, even when not on the set.
She was as stylish as she was beautiful. Her long brown hair draped
across her shoulders.
    “I’m leaving, Grant,” Jennifer said, as she
continued walking to the other side of the room.
    “When do you return?” Grant slid his hands
into his jean pockets and leaned against his kitchen counter.
    Jennifer stopped and faced the window, with
her back to him. The California desert sun was on its way down,
casting an orange, dusty glow into the room. “In a few months.
    Grant knew what she wanted to say. However,
he insisted on hearing it from her. “But what?”
    “The tabloids are right this time. I am in
love with someone else. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know how to tell you
before the pictures showed up on all the covers.” Jennifer turned
and faced him. Her face looked somber, but he wondered how sorry
she really felt. She had been withdrawn for sometime.
    Grant nodded. He wanted the relationship to
work, even though he knew it would never last with Jennifer. After
all, she was a movie star. For a while he thought they loved each
other, but he was apparently just a passing phase for her. His
heart sank, knowing he would never see her again. “When do you
    “I’m leaving this evening. The movie starts
filming in a couple days and they want me on the set as soon as
possible.” Jennifer walked back over to Grant. She stared at him
for a moment, lifted her hand, and ran her fingers through his
amber brown hair.
    He drew in a breath and exhaled. Grant threw
his arms around her, holding her once more. Jennifer wrapped her
arms around his neck, holding on tight.
    “I have to go,” she said. She released her
arms and stepped back.
    Grant nodded. He walked behind her and
opened the front door to let her out. He watched her leave. As soon
as she was out of sight, he pressed the door shut. He leaned his
head against the door and felt the pain in his heart. How could he
lose her? How could he go on?
    Grant’s phone vibrated in his pocket. He
lifted it out, knowing it would be a text from his mother.
    Sure enough. He laughed. It was sure relief
that he needed right now. His mother always had impeccable
    Grant read the text on his
phone. Saw the tabloids. Is Jennifer with
another man? Are you heartbroken? What can I do?
    Grant debated putting the phone down and
ignoring her text. But he knew better. She’d hound him until he
answered. His mother was like that.
    He tapped his fingers
against the face of his phone. Yes. It’s
true. She’s gone.
    His mother replied
again, Why don’t you come home for a
vacation? Gary could use the help at the hardware store.
    Grant stared at her text. For once, it made
sense. It wasn’t crazy nonsense like her usual texts.
    Hello? Another one of her texts popped up on the screen. Grant’s
mother wasn’t known for her patience.
    He stared at the phone again. Maybe she was
right. A trip home couldn’t hurt. Maybe it would help to put things
in perspective. Besides he hadn’t been home since his father’s
    Okay Mom. I’ll text with
the details of my arrival. Grant hadn’t
even had time to put his phone down on the counter before another
text came through.
    Seriously?! I’M SO HAPPY, SON! I’ll find you
a girl back home.
    He laughed again. Grant knew her matchmaking
skills were going to be in full swing. He ignored the last comment
and set the phone down on his kitchen counter. He walked to the
window and looked out at the city. Los Angeles was a sprawling
metropolis, far too fast for his blood.
    “Mom, you need to quit reading the tabloids.
They are usually wrong, but in this case they got it right,” Grant
Williams said. He smiled as he stood in the doorway of his mother’s
Snowy Creek, Colorado house. He set his suitcase down in the foyer
before hugging her.

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