Red. (Den of Mercenaries #1)

Red. (Den of Mercenaries #1) by London Miller

Book: Red. (Den of Mercenaries #1) by London Miller Read Free Book Online
Authors: London Miller
as she did—and she bet she still looked a mess.
    “Don’t—just don’t, Niklaus.” Shoving her hair out of her face, she rolled her eyes. “Is that even your name?”
    He didn’t look the slightest bit concerned by her question. “I didn’t lie about that.”
    Oh? She had expected he had, going over various names in her head. She had looked up his name once before, learning that it was Russian in origin—but thought that maybe his parents liked the names because he definitely didn’t sound Russian to her.
    “Kind of hard for me to believe that when you disappeared six months ago. No one had even heard your name before.”
    “Wanna talk?”
    Reagan stared in disbelief at just how casual Niklaus asked the question—as though she wasn’t accusing him of being a liar, at the very least that he had fucked her up against an alley wall.
    “I have a feeling that my definition of talk is different from yours.”
    “No,” he said reaching for her hand. “I mean it.”
    “About anything? You’ll tell me everything?”
    “I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.”
    Reagan didn’t have time to ponder his words, or that he hadn’t actually answered the question, he was already leading her down the street.

Chapter Thirteen
    “ A definite step up from the last one, but you have terrible taste in hotels,” Reagan said as she entered the room of Niklaus as he held the door open.
    He merely smiled at her words. “It’s enough for me.”
    She would just have to take his word for that.
    Sitting on the edge of the bed, she carefully removed her shoes, wiggling her toes into the carpet for comfort as she had been standing on linoleum and concrete all day.
    “I’m going to grab a shower,” Niklaus said as he reached for the bag that was sitting next to the night stand. “Wanna join me?”
    Reagan shook her head, feeling shy all of a sudden. Sure he had just been fucking her against a brick wall, but there was something about the idea of showering with him that felt too…intimate.
    “I’ll go after you if that’s okay.” Not that she had anything to wear once she got it, but she was in desperate need of one.
    Like he had read her thoughts, he held his bag up, “I’ve got you covered on that front.”
    As Niklaus disappeared into the bathroom, Reagan lay back, listening to the shower as it kicked on, letting her mind drift a different time when she hadn’t been as happy with Niklaus.
    Already, she had to remind herself that she was still angry with him, that what he had done was not okay. But what was the point when she had already let him do exactly what he wanted? She wasn’t usually so easily bent to someone’s will, but when it came to Niklaus—he made her weak.
    By the time he was walking back out the bathroom, his skin still damp from his shower, her fatigue was already setting in. She had to force herself to get up and shower away the night, then pull on Niklaus’ clothes as she crawled into the bed beside him.
    She was waiting for that first caress of her skin, could practically feel it already though he had yet to actually touch her, but he didn’t touch her—at least not in that way.
    His touch was surer, less lingering as he pulled her into his side, curving her into the fold of his body.
    When she looked up to him for an explanation, he merely shrugged and said, “I told you we would talk.”
    “Okay, tell me why you left.”
    “I had another job,” he answered back immediately.
    “Why didn’t you say you were leaving? You know I showed up one day and they said you had never been checked in.” Though the man that had told her didn’t look he necessarily told the truth all the time.
    “If I came to see you before I left, I wouldn’t have.”
    “I’m serious.”
    She shook her head, still disbelieving. “You don’t have to say that—you’ve already convinced me to sleep with you again.”
    “I mean it.”
    “Maybe you do.”

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