Reconciliation [Prometheus in Chains 5] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Reconciliation [Prometheus in Chains 5] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Clair de Lune

Book: Reconciliation [Prometheus in Chains 5] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Clair de Lune Read Free Book Online
Authors: Clair de Lune
Tags: Romance
    Prometheus in Chains 5
    Copyright © 2012
Chapter One
    A voice like dark treacle, velvety soft but with underlying steel in it, said, “Angus Scott please.” It made Jane’s nipples hard and would have made her knickers wet, had she been allowed to wear any.
    “Angus Scott please,” he said again.
    “Er, um. Who shall I say is calling?”
    Jane called Master Angus who came to the phone and talked for a while.
    Jane was a widow and had met Master Angus at Prometheus in Chains, a BDSM club. They had fallen in love, and had just got married. His nephews, Alexander and Ruari, had returned to Scotland and their deer farm. Fiona was their sub and had narrowly escaped being badly injured at the hands of her violent ex-boyfriend, and in the process had fallen hard for the two Scots. They were to be married in a few weeks. Jane and Angus would be attending the wedding.
    * * * *
    One week later Master Angus said to Jane, “We have a guest in two days’ time. He may decide to sleep in Prometheus in Chains or an hotel but he will spend his days with us here for a while.”
    “Who is it, Master?”
    “Master Llewellyn.”
    “Oh!” she breathed, remembering that voice.
    “Yes,” he said, “his voice is compelling and he can control wayward subs with just his voice.”
    “Yes, Master, I’m sure he can! But I’m not wayward am I?”
    He laughed and cuddled her close.
    “No you aren’t, well not often anyhow. Just often enough to provide me with entertainment. He will not be doing that with you in any case, my lovely.”
    “No, Master, I have all I can cope with here.”
    She giggled as he swatted her on the behind.
    Master Llewellyn Morgan arrived two days later. He had left his luggage in Prometheus in Chains but arrived in time for dinner. He was as impressive as his voice had led her to believe. Jane and Masters Angus and Llewellyn sat down together and, over one of Jane’s superb dinners, they chatted. After the cinnamon apple crumble, he wiped his lips on his napkin and said, “Master Angus, you have a treasure!”
    Jane glowed and turned pink under the double effect of his voice and his gaze. There was going to be a lot of interest among the subs in Prometheus in Chains. She smiled at him, thanked him prettily, and her Master caressed her tenderly.
    “How long are you staying up here for?” he asked.
    Master Angus had told Jane that it had been five years since Master Llewellyn had returned to Wales to help out a friend who was starting a BDSM club and needed an experienced Dom to train young Doms and subs alike. He was a very strict Dom but fair, and Prometheus had wanted him. Unfortunately his friend in Wales had got to him first and called in a favour.
    “I’m back here for good. I completed the promised five years, and the club is up and running successfully. You’ve met Master Rhys, one of my trainees. I know all about Jessica and her problems, and I helped Master Rhys with her training. I wasn’t surprised when she ran off. I had never thought she was really ok with what Master Rhys and jeremy wanted, but she never said so. It was more a feeling that she was hiding something. She was emaciated when she arrived but had filled out nicely by the time she ran away, and was bidding fair to being a very pretty little sub. A pity it didn’t all work out better. But then that’s life. Prometheus called me and said he needed help as all his Doms were collaring subs, and the other uncollared subs were getting restless. I can’t resist a challenge, and restless subs are just what I need to make my life interesting.”
    Master Angus laughed.
    “Getting out of practice with the singletail?” Master Angus asked him.
    Jane opened her eyes wide at that. This man wielded a whip?
    “No, it’s just that all the subs in my friend’s club are well under control, so there is no challenge any more and a few feisty ones will give a

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