Reckless by Lizbeth Dusseau

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Authors: Lizbeth Dusseau
you. I guess it's the voyeur me. I like to watch or even listen."
    He made sense, and his confession made sense of the night. He liked being one step away from the action, while she liked being right in the middle. It had been quite a night, her only worry was how many stares and giggles she and Tad would have to live through Monday morning. And Sam, he'd have a fit, though he'd never fire his two best reporters.


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Chapter Eight
    As if it was perched at the top branch of a great tree, Sam Ross's office was found at the highest pinnacle of the newspaper building It didn't even seem like it belonged to the rest of the world, especially the real world of front page news. For Tad and Kelly it was an unexpected visit with the scowling, red-faced editor that brought them there. Though neither of them was easily intimidated, the whole set-up—rising to the top of the building and walking into the cool crisp office must have been designed for intimidation.
    "For the life of me, I can't understand you two," Sam, groused. "One minute you're fighting like cats and dogs, the next minute you're screwing each other like mad animals at the Mayor's banquet. Are you totally mad?"
    "The thought's occurred to me," Tad said, flippantly.
    "Well, perhaps you two want to keep the sex in your bedroom?" he barked at them both.
    "No one saw us," Kelly said smugly.
    "But they sure as hell heard you. And don't think I don't know what happened in that topless bar, Kelly London. I should have fired you then, but your boyfriend made such a case for you." It was the first he'd said about that investigation to her face.
    "I suppose you know the whole story?" she asked.
    "What whole story?" Sam asked.
    "He heard enough," Tad interjected. He was lounging back, really casual in his chair. The flippant remark, just enough to quiet Sam, made Kelly wonder exactly what Tad had told him.
    Sam shook his head. "I never thought I'd have to start lecturing my reporters like they were children."
    "You don't have to, Sam," Kelly said. "We're adults. We'll handle the flack if there's any."
    "Yeah, but I'm hearing about it."
    "Too bad you weren't there, so you could have heard for yourself," Tad said smirking. He was so amused he was almost laughing out loud.
    Sam jawed on his cigar for a minute while he glared at them. "Just keep it to yourself," he grumbled. "I don't want to know your sleeping habits any more than you want to know mine. But why I really brought you here was to talk about this conflict between you two."
    "Conflict?" Kelly asked. "I wasn't aware that there was one."
    "Well, Stone seems to think so. I thought we could hash it out."
    Kelly looked at her colleague. Here in just a second he'd gone from ally to enemy. He looked back at her unruffled, as usual. "What the hell did you tell him?" she asked. "I thought we'd ironed everything out?"
    He shrugged. "I'd already talked to him when you started that little donnybrook in your office."
    "And you didn't tell me?"
    "What was the point, you look so . . . how do I say it . . . rousingly passionate when you're angry."
    "You condescending ass!"
    "Hey!" Sam barked. "You both got hard ones for each other, think it's time you did something about it."
    "We did and you got pissed," Tad returned immediately.
    "I mean in private," he said.
    "If you want us to be more discreet about our sexual relations, I suppose that's possible," Kelly said. "Though I doubt there's going to be anything more for anyone to see or hear." She glared at Tad. "Besides, we're not talking about sex any-more, we're talking about work."
    "Then let's handle Tad's complaint about his assignments."
    "I just gave him the best one to come across the news desk in weeks. If he has a complaint about that, then I'd suggest that he find a bigger paper in a bigger city. That's as good as it comes."
    "Don't waste his talents," Sam said. He was looking at her in a fatherly way, which made her want to strangle

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