Rebound: Passion Book 2

Rebound: Passion Book 2 by Jordan Silver

Book: Rebound: Passion Book 2 by Jordan Silver Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jordan Silver
were ringing and my head was stuffy, I had no idea what the
fuck Josh was talking about, and why the fuck was he holding me down?
okay bro we’ll take care of it, just calm down.” I looked up at him not knowing
for a minute what was going on or even where the fuck I was. A quick look
around the room showed the chaos, what the fuck? Did we have a quake? I don’t
remember feeling anything. The computer was on the floor on its side, the desk
was thrown against the wall and there was shit everywhere.
    Dad came
bounding into the room with a look of terror on his face. “What is it boys what
happened?” he looked from one to the other of us as Josh shook his head at him.
    “You two
have some sort of disagreement?” his look of parental disappointment was almost
comical and I would’ve laughed if my senses didn’t choose that moment to
return. I pushed Josh off of me and stood, prowling the room like a cornered
    “No dad
it’s Kadyn.” Josh patted my shoulder as he answered dad.
    “Kadyn? Matt’s lady, what
happened to her is she hurt?”
righted the desk and the computer fiddling with it to make sure I hadn’t killed
it. I couldn’t talk there was something blocking my throat and my heart hurt
like a son of a bitch. I wanted to punch something, hold her and cry all at the
same time. I just kept seeing her little face so full of fear as she told me
he’d find her. I saw her the first day we’d met and the way I’d treated her and
bile rose in my stomach. My poor Kadyn.
    “Is this
a curse?” I had to ask, first Carrie was almost raped and killed and now this
shit. Was my family cursed or some shit that these things kept happening to our
women? Had mom ever faced anything like this?
    “What’s he talking about Josh?”
    “Give me
a minute dad I’m trying to get the comp up and running so I can show you.” I
heard the barely restrained anger in his voice as he tried to undo the damage
I’d done. The three of us read the shit again and I was able to restrain myself
this time but barely.
shit son.” That’s all dad could say as he turned to me with a look of sadness.
Seems I was destined to be embroiled in drama when it came to the women in my
life. “I’ll be back.” No one bothered to ask me where I was headed as I ran
from the room and headed for one of my rides in the garage.

the way back to her I kept trying to figure out the next move. I was no longer
worried about her reaction to my going behind her back, after the shit I’d just
uncovered it didn’t matter to me if she was mad or not. The only thing I cared
about now was her safety and wellbeing. The story I’d just read almost seemed
like it had been about someone else, it couldn’t be the girl I’d just left not
too long ago.
fucker was free to roam the streets after the fuckery he’d done and I’m sure
the reality was way worse than anything I’d just read. I can’t imagine the
horror she’d lived with. No wonder she’d ran here to her dad. But what was
being done now to see that she stayed safe from this lunatic? Was she supposed
to live the rest of her life in hiding? Fuck that.
dark and lethal rose up inside me at that thought. When I’d promised her a few
short hours ago to stand between her and whatever was in her past I had no idea
it would be something like this, but knowing it only solidified my intent. I
pulled up outside the diner a few minutes later. I figured she’d be upstairs
but it was her father I needed to see first. I needed to get a feel for what
the fuck had gone on, the things that hadn’t been in the report. I wasn’t sure
if she’d be ready to talk to me about it but maybe he would.
saw me coming and maybe the death glare in my eyes tipped him off that there
was trouble because he left the counter where he’d been chatting with one of
the regulars and headed towards me. “What is it?”
there somewhere we can go to talk?” he took

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