Rapture (McKenzie Brothers)

Rapture (McKenzie Brothers) by Lexi Buchanan Page B

Book: Rapture (McKenzie Brothers) by Lexi Buchanan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lexi Buchanan
also to keep Mom off my back about marriage and babies. Neither of us expected her to fall for you or vice-versa.”
    I slump down onto the work bench behind me at Ramon’s revelation. “Why didn’t she tell me?”
    “At first, because of the verbal agreement she has with me, then later , you’ll have to ask her and as for leaving her alone in my apartment building, you know it has the best security around, plus the apartment is locked tight. I felt uneasy leaving her, but I could hardly drag her with me when she was set on staying. She’s like a sister to me Sebastian, and I swear if you hurt her, brother or not, you’ll answer to me.”
    “I’ve no intention of hurt ing her.” I start to pace not sure what he wants from me. “She’s under my skin. No one has ever gotten under my skin before and although it scares the shit out of me I don’t want to run from her. It’s been killing me because I thought she was your girl.”
    Ramon laughs. “I know. It was fun at first, but after seeing how much it was hurting Carla keeping you both apart, I told her I was going to talk to you about our agreement except this came up first.”
    “I’m going to her ,” I say, waiting for him to protest as I start to make for the door.
    “Sebastian, don’t hurt her, ” he says quietly.
    I turn to look at him.
    “I’ll cut your dick off if you do,” he threatens, and I fear only half joking. “I also won’t be home tonight.”
    I grin walking to my car, but my grin soon vanishes when I think about the bastard who’s after my woman.

Chapter 19
    C arla
    Stepping out of the shower, I hear my phone beeping with a text message, so quickly drying my feet before wrapping a towel around me, I make a dash for the living room to grab my phone.
    Part of me is hoping the message is from Sebastian, but deep down I know it will be Ramon after all Sebastian hasn’t messaged me since I asked him for space.
    Looking at the screen, I can’t stop the smile from spreading across my face. Sebastian .
    ‘ I’m outside the door. Don’t want to frighten you. Please let me in.’
    Putting my phone back down on the side table, I dash, without thinking, to the door and after a quick look through the peephole I unlock the door and catch my breath.
    Sebastian in a business suit is sexy, but in jeans and a shirt he takes my breath away.
    He reaches out, placing his hands on my hips , and walks me back inside the apartment without a word spoken between us, closing the door behind him with his foot, he turns and presses me up against the door.
    Lifting his hand, he locks the door back up then rests both his arms alongside my head, without taking his eyes from mine.
    Sebastian looks dangerous with his eyes shooting sparks of lust at me, but that combined with being pinned against the door by his heavily aroused body has my clit throbbing for his touch.
    “I know you’re not my brother ’s…all this time Carla. All this time we could have been together.” He rests his forehead against mine, our mouths inches apart. “I want you. I always envisioned when I took you it would be in a bed, nice and slow so I could appreciate every inch of you,” he whispers, “but slow will have to wait.”
    His lips claim mine in one of the most erot ic kisses I’ve ever experienced – our tongues tangle - our teeth clash. My fingers thread through his hair, holding his head in place as he yanks the towel from between us before reaching for and grabbing my ass to hoist me up against the door.
    My legs wrap around his w aist as our kiss goes on and on while he presses his swollen cock against me, sending needles of pleasure up my spine to my nipples.
    “Carla, I can’t wait,” he groans.
    Using his hips and thighs, he keeps me pinned against the door while he drags his shirt over his head, tossing it behind him. His eyes burn a path down my body as he takes in my naked form. My chest is rising and falling in uneven breaths as his hands slide up

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