Rapture (McKenzie Brothers)

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Book: Rapture (McKenzie Brothers) by Lexi Buchanan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lexi Buchanan
at me in surprise. “What did I miss?”
    Lucien smirks before shaking his head while Ruben starts to chuckle.
    “If you’ve finished day dreaming I have something serious to discuss with you all about…Carla,” Ramon speaks, but looks directly at me when saying her name.
    What that’s supposed to mean?
    “I’ve promised her I won’t mention anything to Michael because she’s afraid something might happen to Lily.”
    Lucien suddenly sits up from his lounging position in the chair. “What do you mean by that?” he asks, more serious than I’ve heard him in a long time, but then again Ramon did mention Lily.
    “Don’t get your shorts in a wad, Lucien. This thing with Carla isn’t going to affect anyone, but her , and maybe me.”
    “Dad is onl y going to be able to distract Mom for a short while so save all the macho shit for later and spit out what you want to tell us,” Ruben says, getting comfortable in the chair with his hands behind his head and ankle across his knee.
    “When Carla arrived in Lexington she was in a bad way, as in she’d been attacked.”
    “What the fuck,” I shout, jumping up from the chair.
    Ramon puts his hand out to try and calm me down, but the fact that someone put his hands on my woman makes me see red.
    Sitting back down, I meet Ramon’s eyes and let him continue while I try to keep my temper under control knowing the other two have questions after my outburst.
    “Her ex beat her up looking for her brother Noah. Noah was working on one of our sites here in Lexington so as soon as Carla was released from the hospital she came down here looking for him. She was too scared to stay in Canada. What she didn’t know was that I had no idea where her brother had disappeared to,” Ramon says frustration clear in his face as he looks away and then back to us. “One day Noah was working construction and the next he was gone and no one knows where. For Carla’s sake, I have a private detective looking for him, but nothing yet.”
    “What happened to the ex? ” Lucien asks. It’s a valid question and I’m thankful at least one of us has a clear head.
    “He disappeared bef ore the police could arrest him, which brings me to why we’re having this conversation.”
    With Ramon looking at me the way he is, my heart pounds. I just know I’m not going to like what he’s about to say, it also clears up as to whether or not he knows I have feelings for Carla. He wouldn’t be talking straight to me otherwise.
    “She told me earlier that she thinks she’s being followed.” I freeze as my brother continues, “She hasn’t seen anyone, but I’m taking her seriously. If Carla’s saying she’s being followed then I’m not taking any chances, and I need everyone’s help because she isn’t going anywhere without one of us with her.”
    “Like fuck, she’s not leaving my sight,” I shout to no one in particular.
    “Um, Sebastian, don’t you think you need to calm down a bit considering it’s Ramon’s girl we’re discussing here.”
    Fuck . Ignoring Lucien and his comment, I turn to Ramon. “Where is she now? Who’s with her?”
    “ She’s stressed out and wanted to stay back at the apartment. She wasn’t sure how everyone would react and couldn’t handle anything else today.”
    “She’s alone?” I ask quietly.
    He doesn’t reply.
    “I want to talk to you alone. Now.”
    Standing, I walk to the barn with Ramon following behind me. Oh Lucien and Ruben tried to come with us, but I overheard Ramon telling them that it was between the two of us.
    I smirk, he’s damn right its between the two of us, but what I really want is to hit something real hard, preferably Ramon’s face for leaving Carla alone when she’s in trouble.
    Hearing the door shut, I turn to face him.
    “I’ve never slept with Carla,” he blurts out, but I’m not sure I heard him right.
    “You heard me. We came up with the relationship when she moved in with me to protect her and

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