Ranch 1.5-The Christmas Tree Bargain

Ranch 1.5-The Christmas Tree Bargain by J.L. Langley

Book: Ranch 1.5-The Christmas Tree Bargain by J.L. Langley Read Free Book Online
Authors: J.L. Langley
    Ethan took the last ornament from Fred and scratched behind her ears. “Thank you, girl.” Standing back, he searched for a spot to hang the little cowboy snowman. Ah, right there . Hooking the decoration onto a bare branch, he studied the tree again. He grinned, feeling good way down deep. The colored lights twinkled against the silver garland, making it sparkle. The smell of pine filled the living room. Christmas music was playing softly on the radio. He had his man and his dog. And the different decorations disguised the bare spots in the tree. Perfect . Well, except there weren’t any presents under it yet. He was going to have to wrap all the presents.
    Arms enfolded him from behind. Jamie nestled his front against Ethan’s back. “It’s still ugly.” He kissed the back of Ethan’s neck.
    “No, it’s not.” Their wedding bands clinked softly as he twined his left hand with his partner’s and leaned against Jamie.
    Jamie nodded, his hair tickling Ethan’s ear. “Yes, it is, it’s even worse than last year, but that’s okay. You owe me, Cowboy. Now pay up.”
    Ethan chuckled. He’d had to bargain for the tree; apparently, it was time to fork over his payment. Turning his head, he kissed Jamie’s jaw, the stubble pricking his lips. “You’re really going to make me shell out a present early?”
    “Absolutely. I let you get this hideous monstrosity. I deserve it.” Jamie turned Ethan toward him, his hands dropping down to cup Ethan’s ass. A bright smile lit his face, his big blue eyes shining.
    Ethan grabbed the lapels on Jamie’s red flannel shirt and pulled him forward and kissed him. “Go upstairs and get ready for bed and I’ll be right up.”
    “But …”
    He shook his head. Oh no, he knew what that was about; Jamie had conducted extensive searches throughout the house during the past week, looking for gifts. No way was Ethan giving him a clue what room to hunt in. “Go.” The man was like a ten-year-old when it came to Christmas. It was adorable and trying at the same time. You couldn’t put breakables under the tree, because Jamie shook the shit out of the boxes as soon as he saw them. Giving his lover another quick peck on the lips, he turned him and pushed him towards the stairs. “Go on.”
    Jamie heaved a sigh, his shoulders slumping a little. He didn’t even try to deny he wanted to see where Ethan got the gift from. “Damn.” He patted his leg twice and headed up towards the stairs. “C’mon Fred.” That was, no doubt, the sound of Jamie pouting.
    Ethan smiled so big his face hurt. His Blue Eyes was way too predictable. Waiting a few minutes to make sure Jamie really was in their room, he went to the office. He closed the door just in case and crossed to the bathroom. No one ever used the shower in the office bathroom and no one but Bill -- who cleaned the shower -- ever looked behind the shower curtain. Jamie had never suspected the shower as a hiding place. Who would?
    Ethan pulled the
flag curtain back and sifted through the boxes, looking for the one he was going to give Jamie. It was meant to be given in private anyway. Ah ha! There it was. He grabbed the small cardboard box and closed the curtain. He’d ordered the gift off the Internet last week and had picked it up from the post office just yesterday. It wasn’t wrapped yet, but he doubted Jamie would care. Then again, the man did get a kick out of ripping through wrapping paper. Oh well, Jamie wasn’t the only one that would enjoy this present.
    When Ethan opened the door to his office he saw a dark head dart out of sight up the staircase. Jamie . Groaning, he shook his head and headed up to their room.
    Jamie was sitting on the edge of the bed in just his jeans, his bare feet tapping on the wood floor.
    Ethan paused in the doorway to look his fill. Jamie still took his breath away. The man was sexy even without trying to be, and damned if Ethan’s cock didn’t fill at the sight. His love

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