Pursued by Him

Pursued by Him by Ellie Danes

Book: Pursued by Him by Ellie Danes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ellie Danes
Tags: Chosen by Him
    “Are you sure I look ok? This lipstick isn’t too bright? What about my hair?” Summer flipped her hair over her shoulder and straightened out her dress. I don’t know that I had ever seen her as serious or concerned about anything, not even her previous internship.
    “Trust me, you look amazing. Probably too amazing in my opinion. Everyone is going to be staring at you and not even paying attention to a word I say.” I chuckled as I attempted to give her a kiss.
    “No don’t! You’ll mess up my make-up…wait…everyone is going to be staring at me? Should I change?” Summer straightened her dress again and continued to fidget.
    “Summer, relax.” I grabbed her hands and smiled. “It will be ok. Remember why we are here. Just smile, don’t look nervous…” She pulled her hands away and rung them together and I quickly grabbed them back and held them. “…and stop fidgeting.” I pulled her hands to my mouth and kissed them gently.
    “Mr. Kerns, we’re ready.”
    I looked at Summer and smiled again. “It will be over in a few minutes.”
    I made my way to the front of the crowd. There were probably twenty or so city officials, three or four television stations, newspaper reporters and just as many people from the surrounding neighborhoods and community. They had set up a nice podium and microphone directly in front of the building. The doors behind the podium had been sealed with a bright red ribbon. The ceremonial gigantic scissors leaned against the side of the podium.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, nearly eighteen months ago, many of you stood in this very location when we first broke ground on this building. It’s been an amazing adventure and I’ve been very fortunate to be a part of this from the very start. I’m extremely pleased that many people in the community will now have someplace new to work and be trained and that this endeavor will make it easier for students and adults alike to learn.”
    Cameras clicked throughout the audience as I continued. The echo of my own voice bounced from the surrounding buildings as I attempted to make eye contact with each and every person. I paused briefly to smile at Summer, who was still obviously very nervous. She slowly swayed back and forth as I read my rehearsed speech.
    “Last year, my company, Velocity Capital, donated over five million dollars to build this new technology center for the community… and today we open the doors.”
    I continued my speech describing how other small businesses and companies helped bring the project to completion. This had been one of my proudest moments. While making money and building businesses excited me, the ability to give back to the community and helping others was a passion. 
    I picked up the over-sized scissors and made my way toward the large ribbon securing the doors as I gently tugged an almost unwilling Summer along with me. The crowd surrounded us as I extended one side of the large scissor handle to Summer and together, we cut the ribbon. The crowds cheered and I could see the awkward smile on Summer’s face as cameras closed in on the two of us.
    Some of the crowd immediately went inside for tours of the new technology center, while reporters encircled Summer and I. “Mr. Kerns, Jill Miller from the Times, Can you tell me a little more about your background and how you amassed your wealth? As a billionaire, do you feel that donating five million dollars was enough for this project?”
    “Ms. Miller, I appreciate your questions, but today isn’t about me, my background or wealth. It’s about this new facility and what it brings to our community.” I had been in this position a million times before and I hated the questions that centered on me. They always attempted to turn the story into something it wasn’t.
    A few more television reporters stuck their cameras in our faces and I eventually wrapped things up, pulling Summer towards the car. “Ladies and gentleman, thank you for your support.

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