Prince Vampire
approval of her. “Women in Serawych have quiet, unbreakable power over all men regardless of race or species. The bond is so great no one can break it.” He then listened as Valdemar filled him in on what Marlow had found out.
    “We must go back to Serawych. We cannot have this played out on the streets of this innocent city.” Valdemar was adamant on that.
    Thomas nodded in agreement. “Yes and you need to rally the people.”
    “What about the people? The castle?” There was great concern in Valdemar’s voice.
    “Everything is under control,” Thomas assured him. “As you know they are strong and do not need to be led by the nose but if this dark force approaches—”
    “You need to be there.” Even Aureliann could see that. A good leader always thought of his people and she could tell by the look in his eyes Valdemar wanted to go home.
    “Come with me.” Valdemar spoke the three simple words to her.
    Aureliann took a deep breath. She could feel all eyes upon her. There were so many reasons for not jumping into whatever this was she was mixed up in. She had her house, a job and bills to pay. No one Aureliann knew would consider this a normal thing to do. Though she was scared, she could not let go of Valdemar now. “Yes.”
    “Good woman,” Thomas said with approval.

Chapter Nine
    “Okay, so I didn’t tell you,” Valdemar said as he stood before her.
    “You should have.” It was not a small detail that he should have left out. It was life- changing stuff and to forget to mention it was dramatic.
    “Would it have made a difference?”
    “Well…yes…no…I don’t know, but the thing is you should have told me, prince.”
    Valdemar raked his hand through his hair. “You are the most frustrating woman, Aureliann.”
    She rolled her eyes at his words. “You’re no walk in the park either. Besides, if you love me as you say you do, then you’ll put up with me.” Aureliann was aware how totally selfish that came across but his news had caught her off-guard.
    “As will you.”
    They stared at each other. Both wrong, both right and both in love and apt to say or not say something they should.
    “I’m sorry, lovely.”
    The look in his eyes made her melt. Valdemar was so damn sexy and sweet. Aureliann found it impossible to remain angry with him. “Well…”
    “I was scared you would not come.”
    Before they left Brisbane she had suggested inviting the vampires they had met along to aid them in the upcoming struggle with Victor.
    “No need for that. We have a strong power base in Serawych,” Valdemar had said.
    “But Marlow and Asher seem pretty switched on and—”
    Valdemar interrupted Aureliann. “They may not be able to go back, lovely.”
    She had stood gobsmacked as he explained in some cases people from other worlds had been trapped in Serawych. Apparently, as dimensions went, it was sometimes reluctant to let travelers passing through leave. Aureliann may not have come with him if she had known there was the chance she would not get back home. She looked at Valdemar. Despite his momentary lapse, the man was strong, smart and loving. So where was home now? In Brisbane or with him?
    “What?” He reached for her hand and linked it with his own.
    “I don’t know.” I thought I used to know stuff but more and more I am out of my depth.
    Valdemar pulled her to him. “It will work out.”
    Aureliann knew she should have been more upset at him but she was helpless to do anything but mold herself to the heat from his hard body.
    “It had better.” She stopped when she realized how that sounded. Aureliann did not want to come across as a harpy but she was scared of not being in control. She seemed to be losing it a lot with Valdemar around. “I’m sorry, Val.” Aureliann reached up and stroked his face.
    He caught her hand and kissed it. “Lovely, you never have to be sorry. Damn…”
    “What? Did I stand on your toe or something?”
    “When you call me Val and look at

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