Prime Obsession

Prime Obsession by Monette Michaels

Book: Prime Obsession by Monette Michaels Read Free Book Online
Authors: Monette Michaels
probably wasn’t even aware her thoughts flowed through his mind.
    No denying it now. She was, in truth, his battle-mate.
    “No, but I can open the door and let the pirates in,” Ullyn snarled, bringing Wulf back to the present danger. Later he would deal with the reality of Melina’s uniqueness.
    “You will not win. The Alliance is even now on board and in control of the docking bay. They’ll kill your allies sooner or later. No pirates will get off this ship to plague the galaxy. Letting in those outside this room will do you no good.”
    “You’ll be dead.” Ullyn nodded his head toward to Iolyn. “He’ll be dead. As will Huw and Maren. And your bitch of a gemate.”
    Wulf stiffened at the traitor’s words.
    Ullyn sneered . “ Think we could not see the mark? It glowed against all that pale skin.”
    The menace toward Melina threatened to throw him into an uncontrolled rage.
    Again, the feathery cool touch stroked his senses. Her scent filled his nostrils. “Patience, Wulf.”
    “Why, Ullyn?” Wulf asked.
    “To end the joining with the Alliance,” Ulyn snarled. “Not all Prime citizens desire to ally with the rest of the galaxy.”
    “But why use pirates?” Huw asked, picking up the train of the conversation, helping Wulf stall until someone could move to disarm Ullyn.
    Angry, Ullyn gestured with the laser. “Because they were a convenient tool. Stop stalling and asking stupid questions. Have every crew member throw their weapons into the center of the room.”
    No one complied. The room was still, but no … Wulf sensed a movement along the wall, approaching Ullyn from behind.
    Melina! Damn her battle-mate little hide.
    A soft touch again stroked his neck, ruffling his hair as if to say “don’t worry.” Their binding was so strong, so quickly, due to the strong battle-mate genetics.
    Despite the situation, his loins ached to possess her to take their connection to the highest and most complete level of the gemat-gemate binding.
    Huw’s body language indicated he also had seen Melina. Huw moved to draw Ullyn’s attention away from her movements.
    “Stop right there, Huw,” Ullyn yelled, his laser waving all over the place.
    Huw stopped. “Taking on the pirates as allies is pretty stupid. They’ll take your payment and then kill you. They are greedy, Ullyn, and they don’t leave witnesses.”
    “You lie,” Ullyn yelled. But his eyes narrowed in concentration.
    Ullyn was a follower, not a leader. While Wulf wanted the mastermind behind the seizure of his ship, he wasn’t going to let the small fish off the hook. The bastard had threatened Melina—and his family.
    Someone among the crew gasped, betraying Melina’s movement. Wulf wanted to kill the man who dared endanger his woman.
    Ullyn whipped his gaze toward her. His weapon now fluctuated between her and Iolyn.
    Wulf moved to draw Ullyn’s attention, all instincts urging him to protect his woman.
    Melina leapt at Ullyn as Wulf made his move. Their battle symbiosis was fully in sync; their brains worked together to find and defeat a common enemy. She latched onto Ullyn’s weapon arm, shoving it up and away from Iolyn, away from her.
    Iolyn broke free and moved to take over the disarming of the traitor.
    “Stay out of the way, Iolyn. You, too, Wulf,” Melina shouted as she torqued Ullyn’s arm. The resulting snap resounded in the room.
    Ullyn dropped the laser. Screaming from the pain, he stepped away and kicked at Melina, grazing her injured right side.
    “Son of a bitch,” she yelled and retaliated with another twist of the broken forearm that she’d never released.
    The agony in Ullyn’s scream was evident.
    Wulf approached the duo laterally.
    Melina sent him a fiery emerald glare that burned to his soul.
    “I said stop, Wulf,” she snarled.
    Huw and Iolyn also approached.
    “All you Caradocs, just stay away. He’s mine .” She turned and bit out the words,
    “Call me a gemate bitch, will you?”
    Melina pushed Ullyn

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