Player's Challenge

Player's Challenge by Koko Brown

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Authors: Koko Brown
too much reality TV. Despite everything, I know you have my back.”
    His nose slid along her jaw to her ear and the sudden ache between her legs had her clutching the granite counter top. “I came home early because all I could think about was making love to you.”
    Gemma groaned. She’d never been so aroused in her life. A shiver ran through her as she imagined herself beneath him while his cock pulsed inside her.
    “Devin we can’t do this.”
    His mouth brushed the shell of her ear. His warm breath danced along her feverish skin, spurring her desire. He pressed closer, wedging the thick ridge against her butt, and every cell in her body surged toward him, her DNA ready and willing to join with his.
    “But we are.” Before she could object, he angled his head and crushed his mouth against hers.
    It was a demanding kiss, one that commanded a response. Gemma pushed her fingers in his hair and pulled on the short strands as she moved her mouth under his. When he groaned, her tongue dipped inside, tasting him. Gemma’s toes curled. He tasted oh so good.
    He pushed away from the kitchen island, bringing her with him. “I’m going to have you, Gemma. In every possible way.” He cupped her buttocks and lifted her. Without any coercion, she wrapped her legs around his waist. As he carried her to the bedroom, she stripped him of his suit jacket, tie and dress shirt. Her tank-top and bra followed, leaving a tangled trail of clothes in the hallway.
    “Damn, Gemma.” Groaning, Devin slid his tongue between her breasts. “We’re not leaving this room for at least three days.”
    “You’re on.” Her body had ached for him for almost a decade. In all honesty, three days probably wouldn’t be enough.
    Devin leaned forward slightly, and then the mattress was against her back. Supported by his elbows, he hovered over her, his gaze searing into hers while his fingers undid the button of her jeans.
    “You’re so beautiful,” he rasped and then slowly kissed and licked a scorching trail down her body. He landed on his knees at the foot of the bed, her jeans and panties in his hands. In quick order, he shimmied them down her legs and tossed them aside. Eyes zeroed in on her sex, he gripped her calves and pulled her toward him.
    Legs spread and thrown over his shoulders, Gemma stared at the ceiling. When he finally touched her, his mouth exerting only the slightest pressure, she was startled. It was in direct contrast to his aggressive kisses. Almost reverent, his tongue slid along her core, tasting her in leisurely licks.
    Gemma’s eyes drifted shut and she became acutely aware of her body. Her skin was flushed and feverish. Wherever he touched, licked or stroked, an electrifying sensation swept over her.
    “Devin.” She shoveled her fingers in his hair, gripping the shorn strands, holding him in place. “You’re turning me inside out!”
    He pushed back onto the balls of his feet.
    “Devin, I…” She finished on a gasp as he pushed a finger inside her. Panting, Gemma clutched the top sheet, balling it in her fists and tugging it loose.
    “Finally mine,” he said, pumping into her. Mouth open, slurping in much needed oxygen, Gemma arched off the bed. “How long has it been for you?”
    Her cheeks bloomed with embarrassment. “W-why?”
    “Morbid curiosity.” He pushed a second digit into her. Moaning, she clenched around him. “Tell me, Gemma or I’ll stop.”
    What a wicked, wicked man! Still in spite of his insanely talented hands, mouth and tongue, Gemma hesitated. She didn’t want him to think she was some weirdo who’d only been with one man, especially when he’d been with so many others.
    “Come on, Gemma, tell me.”
    She remained staunchly silent.
    “Do you want me to stop?” His tongue flicked her clit, strummed it, while he worked his fingers in rhythmic strokes.
    Panting, Gemma shook her head. She’d take her secret to the grave.
    He had other ideas. Wiping at his mouth, Devin stood

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