Persona by Amy Lunderman

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Authors: Amy Lunderman
Tags: Young Adult
rest of the class around her, but she’s just focused on Liam. He reaches for her arm to help her to stand, and when he touches her she feels a shock run through her. Like she touched an electrical socket, and it makes them both pull back from one another.
    His eyes go wide, and he looks surprised to have felt something. Before Moira can ask him about it, Spencer comes up behind him and shoves him out of the way.
    “Dude, what the hell?” Spencer spits out at him.
    “I don’t know what you mean, man.” Gaining his balance, he faces Spencer.
    “Like hell you don’t. I saw you hit the ball at her.”
    Moira sits up slowly, and only feels slightly dizzy, so she pulls herself to her feet. She can see most of the class in taking interest in their situation, including the teachers. They are making their way over, and Moira knows if Liam and Spencer keep it up, they will both get into trouble.
    “I’m alright Spencer it was just an accident.” She says, but she’s looking question at Liam.
    Did he hit her with the ball? She can’t know for sure, since she was pretty out of it before. If he did, he might have done her a favor.
    “Mo’s right, I didn’t mean anything by it.” Liam shrugs and walks off back on his side of the net.
    Moira pushes Spencer to follow him, before they get into trouble, and she watches them go. Her life keeps getting more and more complicated, and not in a good way. How can Liam just show up here and make her feel like this? She doesn’t know if it’s a good feeling or a bad one, but it’s definitely something. Spencer is picking up on it too, and it’s making him jealous. This should make her feel like he cares, but it just makes her apprehensive. Making herself focus, she pays attention for the rest of class. She already has a headache now, no need to make it worse. Ignoring both boys, she breathes through her mouth to get rid of the cinnamon.
    Moira walks into the cafeteria later on and relishes in the fact that even though her friends don’t know the truth about her, it’s comforting being around them. There’s almost this buzz she feels when she’s near them, like calling to like or something. She never really paid much attention to it before, but is glad for it now. It makes her feel less alone, with everything that’s running through her mind lately. Which is why when she gets closer to the table, she pauses mid step. They are all there, but so is Liam. The now familiar cinnamon spice smell is almost hovering in the air around him, and she can taste it in the back of her throat. After gym, she’s not in the mood for his strangeness, especially since he might have intentionally through the ball at her. Not to mention, that he might not be who he said he is. Something about his mother doesn’t add up, and he must think the same about her father.
    Before she can turn around, his eyes snap up to her, like he senses something in her. None of the others notice her, and they don’t see the flicker of violet in his grey eyes, like she does. He blinks though, and the color is gone, but the scent gets stronger. Her skin tingles in a familiar way as she continues toward the table against her better judgment. Liam’s eyes follow her, and she can’t look away, she has the unsettling feeling like he’s watching his prey. But she doesn’t know if that’s a good or bad thing yet, since she’s not entirely sure he’s one of them. He hasn’t mentioned anything, but then again neither has she. Not for the first time, she wonders why he smells so differently than everyone else. Raven and the others never have a unique smell to them, and her persona never goes out of control around them either. She has the opposite of comfort around Liam, but at the same time it’s like being drawn in against her will.
    Besides always watching her and being friendly-ish, he’s never let on that he has a similar effect, so Moira tries to ignore him as she sits at the table. Ray and Daisy are on

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