Parker 04.5 - The Hunters

Parker 04.5 - The Hunters by Jason Pinter

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Authors: Jason Pinter
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    Dear Reader—
    Thank you for downloading my brand new, never-before-published novella THE HUNTERS. Now, my guess is that you fall into one of three camps:
    1) You’ve read all of my Henry Parker novels
    2) You’re a new reader who recently finished my latest book - THE FURY
    3) You have no idea who I am or what I write but decided to give this free ebook a shot.
    Whether you fall into group 1, 2 or 3 I’m glad you’re here, because you’re literally right smack in the middle of what I consider the most exciting work I’ve ever written.
    First, let me fill you in a little bit on how THE HUNTERS fits into my Henry Parker series. I recently published a novel called THE FURY, and in that book I introduced a storyline that will continue into my next book, THE DARKNESS. I always envisioned these two novels as bookends to one, massive story. So THE DARKNESS picks up pretty much right where THE FURY ends…almost…
    You see, there’s one night in between the end of THE FURY and the beginning of THE DARKNESS. Now, if you’re like me, your average night might be spent having dinner, maybe watching some television, doing work, having a drink or cup of coffee, and likely falling asleep long before the witching hour. But not these characters. And that’s where THE HUNTERS comes in.
    You see, even though one night is only a scant few hours between sunset and sunrise, a whole lot can happen when darkness rules the night. If you’ve read THE FURY, in THE HUNTERS see just how much trouble is yet to come. If you’re reading my work for the first time, you’ll be introduced to a world full of intrigue, violence, love, sex and conspiracies that go back decades. Whichever of these groups you belong to, I think you’ll enjoy THE HUNTERS both as an exciting stand alone story, or one that complements and fleshes out characters you’ve grown to love and hate (some perhaps at the same time). Either way, get ready for one wild night.
    Thank you for reading THE HUNTERS. Just remember, a whole lot can happen once the sun goes down…
    Jason Pinter
    September 2009

Cast of Characters
    Henry Parker
    An ambitious, idealistic young reporter for the New York Gazette who spends his days (and nights) in search of “The greatest stories never told.” Henry comes from a broken family, and has distanced himself from his abusive father and emotionless mother, using his troubled childhood as motivation to succeed. Due to his innate ability to always be in the right place at the wrong time, Henry tends to get in deeper than he ever thought possible, and more than once has found himself in the very crosshairs of those he has sought to investigate. Still, the passion for his work and never ending quest for the truth means that Henry won’t be backing down any time soon.
    Amanda Davies
    Henry’s girlfriend, who he met under typical romantic circumstance: namely Amanda saved Henry’s life while he was on the run for his life. Like Henry, Amanda is from a broken home, having grown up in foster care following the death of her parents. A lawyer for New York’s Legal Aid Society, Amanda is beautiful, tough and resilient--the girl next door who’s more likely to drink you under the table than sashay down the runway. Amanda supports Henry in every way possible, but she knows that his recklessness has led to some close calls for both of them. And Amanda is fully aware that if Henry doesn’t slow his motor down, it’s only a matter of time before the odds catch up to him…
    Jack O’Donnell
    A New York legend, Jack O’Donnell old-school newsman who’s seen and reported it all over a forty year career. Working alongside Henry at the Gazette , Jack has found himself in a position he never imagined: mentor. While Jack, thrice-divorced and childless, sees some of his best professional qualities in Henry, he also knows that Henry’s devotion to Amanda might distract him from achieving true greatness in the

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