Pack Security (Were Chronicles)

Pack Security (Were Chronicles) by Crissy Smith

Book: Pack Security (Were Chronicles) by Crissy Smith Read Free Book Online
Authors: Crissy Smith
Tags: Erotic Romance Fiction
people who want to talk to you. They know you are familiar with some shifters. Hell, they even tried to convince me that you were one. I told them that was crazy, but I can’t deny that there is something about your art that draws the monsters to you. I have cataloged where all of your paintings have been shipped. Several pieces have gone to known shifters.”
    Of course they had. Cassie knew where each and every piece had ended up. The fact that James did too was unsettling. “You’re working with the Church for Humanity?”
    James snorted. “I’ve been a member all my life. My uncle leads the division in Texas. Since Bruce Carter and the California chapter have been arrested, it is up to us to stop the madness of people actually accepting the shifters. I mean, can you even imagine someone being able to turn into a wolf or some other kind of animal?” He visibly shuddered. “Horrible.”
    Cassie was shocked that James felt that way. On one hand, it was probably in her best interest that he didn’t believe she was a shifter, but she wanted to set him straight that they were not monsters.
    “Anyway, we’ll stop the show. There were going to be several shifters who have already RSVP’d and we don’t want their kind in town. After you talk to my uncle and tell him what he needs to know, he’ll let you come back as long as you promise to stop supporting the shifters. They shouldn’t be able to buy your work. They’re…they’re just animals really. Your art is too good to be wasted on the shifters!”
    Cassie knew damn well that if the church got a hold of her, she would not be coming back home.
    “And you’re going to burn my house and gallery down?”
    James nodded. “It’s the only way we can insure Alex doesn’t go on with the show. I don’t know how long you’ll be gone.” He shrugged. “But I’ll make sure they know you’re okay.
    “Now, we really do have to go. My friends should be here anytime to set the fire, and we don’t want to be anywhere near here when it goes up.”
    “You’re talking about burning my house down!”
    “Shh!” James stomped toward her. “I know and I’m sorry, but it’s the only way! Now hurry up, we have to leave.” He grabbed her shoulder and shoved her forward. “I wasn’t kidding when I said it was time to go.”
    Cassie shuffled her feet as she was propelled toward the balcony door. She knew she had to figure out a way to get Alex or Max’s attention, but her mind raced and she couldn’t think straight.
    James pressed the muzzle of the gun against her arm and she considered turning and trying to grab the weapon. Even if the gun went off, there was a good chance it wouldn’t kill her. Plus if Max or Alex heard the shot they would come for her.
    “Don’t try anything,” James whispered. “My brother is over at your nephews’ house and we really don’t want to hurt the kids.”
    Oh, God! Cassie didn’t want to believe him, but what if they were prepared to get a hold of the boys? She nodded and unlatched the double doors.
    “Head straight for my car.”
    Once she’d pushed open the doors, she saw that James had parked close by. There was not a lot of room to form a plan before she would be inside his vehicle.
    She felt James nudge her with the gun again. “Walk.”
    Her bare feet didn’t make a sound when she crossed over the small deck and down the couple of steps. She looked around hoping someone, anyone, would be close by. Instead, all she could see was the empty yard.
    “James, this isn’t going to work. Let me get Alex and we can talk this through.”
    “Talk?” James stated. “So you or your brother can try to sway me to the side of the shifters? I don’t think so. After you talk to my uncle and hear what he has to say about them, you’ll understand. I told him you didn’t know any better. He’ll help you.”
    She didn’t know what James’ uncle thought he knew, but it was obvious that James believed the man’s preaching.

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