Out of Control

Out of Control by Roy Glenn

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Authors: Roy Glenn
do whatever needs to be done. And that goes for me too,” Sherman said and walked Nick out.
    His next spot was Clay’s Garage to talk to Chance. After Nick explained the situation and Chance told Nick about Grant’s unexpected visit, he had a decision to make. “I ain’t supposed to tell you this, but Rain was by here tonight.”
    Nick didn’t look surprised. He didn’t think Rain was sick and knew she was up to something. His first thought was drugs. “What she want?”
    “She said that something was going on and she needed to get on top of it. I gave her a car and she left.”
    “I need you to reinforce a couple of vehicles for me. A van, an SUV and a car. Bulletproof glass; the whole bit.”
    “How soon you need them?”
    “Yesterday,” Nick said and walked out to the garage. He went back to JR’s to wait for Rain to show up there. The first person he saw when he got there was Danielle. “What you doin’ at the front door?”
    “Rose said she needed a manager up here. What ever I can do to help out,” Danielle said and leaned close to Nick. “She thinks somebody is stealing.”
    “Let me know what’s up,” Nick said and walked off.
    “I just might do that,” Danielle said quietly.
    He hadn’t been back in his office long when Mercedes called back to tell him what was going on at Cynt’s. “Chris Toney just threw Dwayne down on a table. Everybody got they guns out,” Mercedes reported. “Now Rain is sayin’ something to Cynt.” Mercedes paused. “Okay, they’re leaving now.” After that, Nick knew it wouldn’t be long before Rain got there.
    “What were you doin’ at Cynt’s?” Nick said as soon as she walked through the door with Chris Toney and Memphis.
    Rain was excited to share the news and what she did with Nick. Now he was mad and she had to explain her actions. “Wait outside for me,” she said and closed the door behind them. “How you know I was at Cynt’s?” she asked before she turned around.
    “I keep tellin’ you, I know everything. Now, what were you doin’ at Cynt’s?”
    “I think that bitch Wanda is gettin’ ready to move on us.”
    “I know. What were you doin’ at Cynt’s?”
    “You know?”
    “Yeah, I know.”
    “Why ain’t you tell me?”
    “’Cause I knew you’d wanna run off and do something about it. What were you doin’ at Cynt’s?” Nick shouted.
    “I went there to send a message!” Rain shouted back.
    “That’s not what I wanted!” Nick yelled then tried to calm himself down. “I wanted them to do what they were doin’ and think I didn’t know, but I’d be ready for them when they made their move.”
    “Then you should have told me,” Rain said louder than she needed to and regretted it the second she said it. She saw the look on Nick’s face.
    Nick didn’t say anything for a while. “Okay, it’s out in the open now, let’s see what they’re gonna do,” he said and got up.
    “Where you goin’?”
    Rain followed Nick out of the office and rounded up her crew. They made their way through the club and she caught up with Nick at the front door. “Good night, Nick,” Danielle said as they passed.
    Nick was so mad at what Rain had done that he didn’t say anything to her. He wondered now that it’s out in the open, what Wanda’s next move would be. Rain gave Danielle the evil stay the fuck away from my man bitch stare.
    As soon as they got outside, a van pulled up in front of JR’s. The door slid open and two men opened fire with automatic weapons. Nick pushed Rain out of the way and took two in the chest before he could get his gun out.
    “Nick!” Rain yelled, pulled her gun and fired back. She got a good look at the shooters.
    When they started firing at Rain she hit the ground, while her men were pinned down inside. When the shooters pulled away from the club, Rain jumped up. “Get the car!” she yelled as her men came out of the club. She ran behind the van firing shots as it drove away. She hit

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