One True Knight (The Knights of Honor Trilogy)

One True Knight (The Knights of Honor Trilogy) by Dana D'Angelo

Book: One True Knight (The Knights of Honor Trilogy) by Dana D'Angelo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dana D'Angelo
Tags: historical romance medieval England
young knight wasn’t listening to her. “I’m Sir Derrik d’Evant,” he said, pulling himself to his full height, and thrusting out his chest. “I’m told that you are Sir Jonathan d’Abelard.”
    “You are correct.”
    “Aye, the same knight who is also known as the Iron Hawk,” Derrik said, nodding his head as if confirming a fact.
    Rowena looked at Jonathan with wonder. “You did not tell me that you are the Hawk,” she said, sounding as if she had forgotten her irritation from a moment ago. “This means that you are King Edward’s legendary strong man, the man who is said to have never lost a battle. And like the predatory bird, ‘tis said you tear your enemies apart limb by limb. If these tales are true, ‘tis no wonder your name strikes fear in the hearts of men. The Hawk is a larger than life hero, the stuff of the Arthurian legends.”
    Derrik nodded. “I heard these same fairy-tales as a child. It may be true regarding your status with King Edward, however I question the validity of those battle stories,” he said, his tone sounding full of challenge. “‘Tis impossible for one man to have victory in every battle he fights, whether ‘tis with one other man or with an entire army.”
    Rowena looked at the young knight as if she was surprised at his boldness.
    They were nearing the chapel entrance now, and Ava stood at the door, waiting for her. She glanced at them, clearly wanting to stay and hear what Jonathan had to say but she moved off when Ava beckoned for her to hurry.
    Jonathan watched Rowena’s shapely figure move ahead of them, her round hips swaying gently with an unconscious grace.
    “I am no longer in the king’s permanent service,” he said, his tone mild. He had been in Edward’s service, but that was many years before — before Amelia was murdered in cold blood by the Grey Knight. Jonathan had Edward’s blessing to seek and pursue Amelia’s killer to the ends of the earth.
    Jonathan moved to follow the others inside.
    Derrik put his hand on Jonathan’s sleeve, stopping him. “She won’t have you, you know,” he said.
    Jonathan looked at Derrik’s hand as if it was covered with grime. “Are you telling me this to warn me away from her?”
    Derrik dropped his hand and flushed, giving himself away. “Few men are able to capture the heart of the lady. I doubt that you will have much success.”

    Rowena moved to the side of the pillar, slightly away from the rest of the dinner guests. From her vantage point, she was able see everyone else but it was more difficult for them to see her. Dinner was completed, and the servants cleared the trestle tables, stacking them along the far wall to make room for dancing and other entertainment that her father prepared for the evening.
    Unable to help it, her gaze often drifted to the newly married couple.
    With Lorena by his side, her father looked ten years younger. If she hadn’t known better, she would have thought their union was a love match and not the practical one in which he claimed.
    And even though Rowena didn’t like to admit it, she knew her father’s attention would now turn to her and her marital state. Ava already informed her that her father had a list of suitors for her. She hadn’t seen the list, although she wasn’t surprised to learn that Jonathan was included in it. Her father raved enough about the Iron Hawk’s feats and fighting prowess to make her feel nauseated.
    At first she bulked at the idea that these knights were her only choices. But in the end she was forced to acknowledge that her father wasn’t a heartless man. He was at least allowing her to choose a knight to marry, a choice, she knew, that few women in her position would ever have. Still a tiny part of her heart rebelled. How was it possible for her to find love within three month and from a list of men that her father assembled? Political power and social advantage aye, but she didn’t think a union with any of the suitors held

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