One Good Reason

One Good Reason by Nicole Salmond

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Authors: Nicole Salmond
would. If she was to survive this, he needed
her to fight for it. Stevenson wanted her for a reason. Why? He still hadn’t
figured it out. But she was important for who she was, or what she knew. He
didn’t believe she was a threat to him, but somehow, she was a threat to
would a small town girl have to do with someone like Stevenson? The thought played out in his mind
day and night, haunting him like a bad dream.
needed to bring Ava to safety and then he could figure out who she was and what
Stevenson wanted with her. He had no phone reception, so he had no idea how the
other men were going with their search. He’d guessed most had given up and gone
back to the house, but he couldn’t be sure. Aun , on
the other hand, wanted Ava’s head on a platter. He wouldn’t stop until he had
her. He’d use all his resources to get her too, and Hayden couldn’t let that
happen. He didn’t know exactly what he was going to do after he found Ava, but
there was no point in planning until he found Ava.
set off down the hillside, letting the tracker follow him. He knew she would
have gone this way, so he didn’t need the tracker to tell him, but if she had
gone a different course, the tracker would let him know regardless.
at the village the tracker should be able to track her easily. He also would be
able to speak to the local’s to see if anyone matching Ava’s description had
stopped here, or was currently staying at someone’s house.
were one-step closer to finding her.
ran through the dark forest, terrified for her life. She could hear the men
after her but with the darkness surrounding her, she didn’t know how close they
were. She had no rifle and no clothes on. She couldn’t remember how she got
here, why she was no longer in the old lady’s house. All she knew was that Aun and the Thai men were after her. She couldn’t stop
running. She wouldn’t stop running.
weaved in and out of the tree’s, hitting the raw ground with her feet. She
could hear the screams of the men around her, beckoning her to come to them.
She lost footing for a split second and fell to the ground. She screamed out in
pain as she saw the blood pouring out of her leg. She attempted to stand but
the pain was unbearable. She could hear the men getting closer. She had to act
spotted the bushy plant nearby and crawled towards it. She quickly curled up
inside, covering the leaves around her body. In the light, you may have been
able to see her easily, but with the darkness, she would be hidden easily.
watched through the opening in the leaves as dark figures came into sight. They
moved through the trees with their rifles held tightly against them. Ava’s body
began to shake in fear as they edged closer to her hiding spot.
out, come out wherever you are,” one of the Thai men yelled out into the
darkness. “We are not going to hurt you…much.”
Thai men laughed in unison.
are not like the men you are used to. We are built bigger and will fuck you for
hours. You’ll scream our names out and beg us never to stop.”
of the men howled in agreement, yelling out all the ways they planned to take
clasped her hands around her naked body, tears rolling down her cheeks. But all
was not lost, as the men continued past her, not noticing her in the bushes.
almost breathed a sigh of relief that the men had not found her, but she was
sorely mistaken.
you,” Aun said, quickly bending down and peeking through
the gap in the leaves.
screamed and scrambled backwards, but it was too late. Aun grabbed her by the arms and forced her out of the bush and into his body.
to finish what we started,” Aun whispered into Ava’s
screamed louder as Aun thrust Ava hard against tree,
her belly hitting the bark like sand paper to her skin.
screamed loudly for help but nobody came.
all you like. No one will hear you

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