On the Plus Side

On the Plus Side by Tabatha Vargo

Book: On the Plus Side by Tabatha Vargo Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tabatha Vargo
a while before coming out with her hair piled on top her head and a pair of sleep pants covered in cherries on. It was fitting since she naturally smelled like vanilla and cherries. I shouldn’t know that...I shouldn’t care to know that. I mentally punched myself in the balls.
    I helped her into her bed, gave her the TV remote, and then got prepared to leave. Her huge room suddenly felt very small.
    “I’ll call you tomorrow… if that’s OK?” I said, as I started to leave the room. “I’ll make sure the door is locked and if you need anything before Shannon gets back just call my cell.”
    “Devin,” she whispered.
    “Yeah,” I stopped and turned to face her.
    “I really hate to ask this, but could you stay until I fall asleep? I don’t wanna seem like a big baby, but I don’t really want to be alone right now.”
    The room began to shrink again. I shook my head yes and started back towards the bed. My words were literally stuck in throat. The last time I was alone like this with Lilly we almost had sex. I swore I’d never get into this position again. Yet here I was, climbing into bed with her.
    I slipped onto the bed and sat up again the headboard. She snuggled up under the covers with her eyes closed while I flipped through channels trying to find something to watch.
    I don’t remember falling asleep. I just know that I slept better than I had in many years. I don’t know if it was her plush, expensive mattress or the fact that she snuggled up to me all night long. All I know is when I woke up the next morning I felt a warm body pressed up against me in all the right places.
    Half asleep I pulled that body closer to me and pressed my hard on against the soft warmth. I heard a little moan, which in my mind was a bright green go sign, so I kept pressing myself against her.
    I pushed some thick sweet smelling hair out of my way and began kissing the back of her neck.  I felt her turn in my arms and soon her lips were pressed against mine and I was grabbing a handful of ass and pulling her closer.
    I kissed her deep and hard and her little sighs drove me harder. I slipped my hand inside of her shirt and felt her tense against me. She didn’t say anything so I just kept going. With my eyes still closed, I pushed her onto her back and fit myself between her legs. I didn’t need to see…I know my way around a female body. I pressed up into her thigh and it felt so amazing I thought I might unload right there, but I must have hit her stitches because she let out an ungodly scream that knocked me out of my sleepy, horny daze.
    I jumped up and shook my head trying to get myself together. She pulled back the covers and started checking under her wrappings to make sure I didn’t accidently bust her stitches open.
    “I’m sorry,” I said roughly, as I ran my hands through my hair pulling on the ends.
    “It’s okay.”
    Her hair was all ratted up and her eyes were heavy with sleep. Her lips were moist and red from my hard kisses as she nervously nibbled on her bottom lip. The strap to her tank top was pushed to the side revealing a little peek of side boob. She looked so tempting. All I could think about was climbing on top of her and burying myself into her hard and deep.
    I shifted my hips and adjusted myself to relieve some pressure from my jeans against my hard cock. This shit wasn’t getting any easier. It was getting harder…literally. Like any harder and I’d be popping a button on my loose fitting jeans.
    It pissed me off just thinking about it. This was complete and total bullshit. This is not me and I’ll be damned if some chunky virgin was going to turn me into some little bitch over sex. I wasn’t about to let that happen. I would play this off, get my money, and get the hell out.
    “What is it about you?” I heard myself ask.
    “What do you mean?” she asked nervously.
    “I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself around you,” I laughed sarcastically to myself, as I ran my hands

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