On Azrael's Wings

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Authors: D Jordan Redhawk
the slave’s exposed sex. Ursula gasped as her mistress dipped past outer lips, surprised to note the wetness already forming there. A rumble from Azrael indicated her pleasure at the discovery and the brunette sighed as her mistress expertly caressed her, stroking in time with the slave’s gently rocking hips.
    Movements becoming frantic, Ursula bit down on a groan as she climaxed, vaguely amazed at her readiness. As she lay catching her breath, she remembered Midia just a few feet away and blushed furiously. The brunette gasped as Azrael pulled her fingers away, wanting them back despite the embarrassment flooding through her. Salty musk assailed her nose and she found wet fingers in front of her mouth.
    “Taste,” Azrael ordered.
    Tentative, Ursula reached out to lick the offered fingers. She’d had the pleasure of tasting her mistress the night before but not herself. It was intriguing, alike and different, her essence sweeter than Azrael’s but still very nice. With a sigh, she bent to her task, her belly twisting in arousal.
    “Delicious, isn’t it?” Azrael murmured, nibbling one ear. “I don’t think I can get enough.” She helped the brunette roll over.
    “Yes, Milady,” Ursula offered before her lips were seared by a kiss.
    Chapter Ten
    After the rousing wake up, Ursula went about her chores with Midia. Azrael was soon dressed and eating breakfast as they tidied the bed and prepared for the day. Uncomfortable with her wanton behavior, Ursula avoided Midia’s eyes. That she’d been witness to many mornings of the same did little to ease her mortification. Midia seemed to sense this, acting as if all were normal. Of course, to the older slave it was, having years of experience with their mistress.
    When all was readied, Midia tugged Ursula to the table and knelt.
    “What is it, Midia?” Azrael asked, leaning back in her chair to gaze at her slaves.
    “Milady, since we are to remain here today, perhaps Ursula and I can go into town and finish buying her clothing,” Midia suggested. “She had only rags when she came to you and now has but one good gown and her dress. Since she is your body slave, she should be appropriately dressed.”
    Black eyes studied them. Midia’s expression was matter of fact and Ursula stared at her lap. “What do you think, Ursula? Would you like another dress?”
    There was an audible gulp as the slave peered up at Azrael. “I would like to please you, Milady,” she said after a long pause.
    Azrael grinned wolfishly. “Oh, you have, Ursula. Never doubt that.” She almost laughed as wide amber eyes displayed unnerving lust. Unwittingly, she became lost in their color. Gods, the woman didn’t know how beautiful she was. With a reluctant sigh, her desire to take Ursula back to bed thwarted by duty, Azrael took the pouch from her belt and tossed it on the table with a clink. “Buy whatever you deem necessary, Midia,” she instructed. “I’ll be with the town council for most of the day.”
    “Thank you, Milady,” Midia said, smiling and rising. She approached the table and took the pouch. “I’ll see that Ursula has everything she needs for a slave of her station.”
    Azrael also stood, reaching out to take the blonde’s hand and pull her close. “Buy something nice for yourself, Midia,” she said, giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. “Maybe something for Petracal, as well.”
    “You are most generous, Milady. Thank you!”
    Interrupted from her jealousy at the display before her, Ursula approached her mistress. She was pulled into a fiery kiss, a breathless moan escaping her despite her best efforts.
    “See to it that Midia buys something for herself. Else she’ll spend all my gold on other people,” Azrael whispered, pausing to nibble a delicate earlobe.
    “Yes, Milady,” Ursula said, hands clutching at strong shoulders.
    Just as suddenly, she was released. Azrael smiled at them, winking at Midia before striding from the

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