On Azrael's Wings

On Azrael's Wings by D Jordan Redhawk

Book: On Azrael's Wings by D Jordan Redhawk Read Free Book Online
Authors: D Jordan Redhawk
change of scenery, lay still as she tried to catch her breath. Easy breathing was not forthcoming, however, as her mistress continued to touch her, eliciting sighs and moans as she played. The slave found herself running her fingers spasmodically over the cloak beneath her, shivering as Azrael traced down the inside of her arm or along her belly. She wanted something, yearned for it, not knowing what it was. Unable to remain still, Ursula captured the teasing hand and pulled it to her mouth.
    Bemused, Azrael closed her eyes, finding the feather light kisses on her palm intriguing. When her thumb was enveloped by damp heat, her eyes flew open and she saw Ursula contentedly sucking. Growling, she replaced the thumb with her tongue, rolling onto the slave and pressing into her lithe body.
    The weight was startling, vaguely reminiscent of the men who’d tried to rape her days ago. But the warm breasts rubbing hers, the muscled thigh between her legs and the soft lips soothed the memory away and replaced it with lust. Ursula’s hands found hot, bare skin and she scratched the strong back, tilting her hips to her mistress, trying to ease the ache. Azrael reciprocated, rubbing a muscular thigh against the steady throb, both easing and exasperating the sensation in the process.
    Settling into a rhythm, the dark woman braced herself on one elbow as she nibbled and kissed Ursula. Azrael traced her fingers along the slave’s body, pulling the silk up one leg until she could reach the soft skin beneath. Clutching the back of Ursula’s thigh, she ground into the squirming woman, receiving a guttural moan in response.
    Despite their carnal rocking, it wasn’t enough. Ursula almost whimpered as she struggled to achieve
    something, anything. The plateau she was on seemed to go no further. Unable to go forward alone, the brunette escalated matters. With calculated risk, she slid a hand between them, caressing her mistress’ breast.
    Azrael’s reaction was immediate. Growling against the nipple in her mouth, she increased the pace, fingers digging into the pliant flesh of Ursula’s buttock and hip. After several moments, she eased away, kissing the disappointed whimpers. With ease, she rolled onto her back, pulling the slave up to straddle her thighs.
    From her new vantage point, Ursula had easy access to the tantalizing breasts before her. Caught up in the moment, she lost what shred of hesitance she once held and traced dark swollen nipples. She smiled as she realized her mistress was mirroring her movements, circling with one finger or sliding a thumb across the nub. Curious, the brunette tweaked an areole, gasping when she received the same.
    Watching Ursula’s face as she explored, Azrael marveled at the woman’s beauty. It was no wonder her soldiers had singled her out, amber eyes sparking in moonlight, a sensual smile curving her lips. Azrael could simply observe her all day and count herself lucky. From the look in Ursula’s eye, she was pondering some action and the general moaned as the brunette bent forward.
    The nipple in her mouth was salty and warm, a hard nugget of flesh against her tongue. Ursula felt her mistress’ hips surge upward, a hand crawling into her hair and holding her to her task. With sheer pleasure, she suckled, knowing from fresh experience what her ministrations were doing to Azrael.
    Unable to hold back from her desires, Azrael brought both a hand to the thigh about her, drawing upward until her fingers dabbled in wet curls. Sliding easily in Ursula’s excited fluid, she traced swelling lips, easily finding the distended clitoris. She hissed when her attentions brought a sudden surge of hips and a sharp bite on her breast. “Not so hard, love,” she whispered, easing her middle finger along Ursula’s sex.
    Trembling, the brunette released her hold on the nipple, not quite registering Azrael’s comment. Her body took over, primitive knowledge causing her to move against the fingers between her

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