Ocean Of Fear (Book 6)

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Book: Ocean Of Fear (Book 6) by William King Read Free Book Online
Authors: William King
serpent-like, rose a tentacle as large as a ghost snake. Leech mouths covered it. They dilated and shut again with an odd sucking sound.  
    The hull gave a tortured shriek. Timbers splintered as the sea around the Marlin became alive with gigantic tentacles. They descended on the ship with irresistible force, smashing through the carved wooden handrails, tore lanyards, pulled down sails. Some of the tentacles were shrivelled like slugs exposed too long to the sun. Yellowish fluid dripped from them, traces of the alchemical fire sticking to the flesh that not even the waters of the deep could remove.
    Kormak dived to one side. A suckered limb thicker than his torso smashed into the deck beside him. His sword erupted from its scabbard. Dwarf-forged steel slashed the tentacle, carving through thick skin to reveal the slick white meat beneath.
    More and more missiles arced from the Sea Dragon. Men fired their crossbows at the tentacles. The waters around the Marlin were slick and black. The stink of burning wood arose as the alchemical fires transferred from the flesh of the monster to the planking of the ship.
    The deck shivered, as if the Marlin had been hit by an enormous hammer. From beneath came the sound of timbers smashing. A spurt of water bubbled up through the planks. Part of the deck gave way as another massive tentacle smashed through it. Looking into the gap yawning at his feet, Kormak could see the enormous eyes and hungry maw of the great squid. Agonised madness glittered in its gaze. It focused on him and the tentacle came smashing down.
    Kormak leapt to one side as the deck splintered. Water filled the hold of the ship where the beast had broken through. The Marlin was doomed. All that was left for its crew was to dive into the water and hope to evade the creature’s thrashing limbs.
    Wild rage flickered through Kormak’s mind. He sprang down into the hold. His booted legs smashed into the squid’s giant rubbery head. His razor sharp blade drove down through its eye and into its brain. A weird hissing shriek emerged from the squid’s beak. Its limbs thrashed. Kormak turned his sword in the jelly of the eye then pulled it free with a sucking sound. He sprang upwards to grab the torn edge of the deck with his free hand and hauled himself over.
    Tentacles smashed against the Marlin like the flailing limbs of a dozen maddened drummers. Wood splintered, the hull shattered and the hungry sea poured in. Men jumped into the water, frantically trying to pull clear of the ship before the suction of its sinking dragged them under. Kormak sheathed his blade and dived. He was most likely doomed. The weight of his armour and blade would drown him just as easily as the undertow from the great cog going down.
    There was no easy way to get the armour off and his every instinct protested letting go off his sword. He kicked out, trying to keep himself up in the water. He saw the small boat that had been attached to the rear of the Marlin, pulling closer. A soaking wet Frater Jonas was in it. He reached out with an oar. Kormak grabbed it and with the priest’s help scrambled aboard.
    “That was well-timed,” Kormak said. At any moment, he half-expected a mass of tentacles to break the surface of the water and begin pulling victims down into the depths.
    The enormous form of the Sea Dragon loomed over them. Men pulled themselves up the netting on its sides and into the ship.  
    Sailors dropped knotted ropes into the water.
    Kormak dragged himself up. Frater Jonas did the same. The waterproof satchel containing the Kraken’s secrets was slung over his back. The priest seemed determined to hold onto them at all costs.

    Zamara looked ever more haggard as he strode the quarterdeck. He had stripped off his soaking wet clothing and wore only britches and his Elder Sign. His dismay was understandable. He was going to have to go back and face his king and explain how he had lost two very expensive warships in pursuit of a pirate.

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